Why I’m a beginner triathlete

I am a beginner triathlete. I am very much a beginner triathlete. I don’t say that as someone who is fantastic at any one of the disciplines, I say that as someone who is pretty crap at all three. I’m training for a Sprint Tri this summer not because I’m fast, but because I’ve never run a 10k before in my life and I would drown before I managed to swim 1.5km.

I’ve started the blog as since I’ve begun reading other training blogs they have really, really helped with my motivation, especially starting to speak to fantastic people on twitter and looking at other’s photos on instagram. Plus I feel if I’m writing about it, I’ll be more likely to get out in the pouring rain for a run!!

So my journey began when my Mum gave me a road bike for my birthday in 2012. The day after I went on my first cycle, my family got together for a 45mile sportive. I’m right in the middle in the yellow jacket. My body wanted to die after that cycle, but I had gotten the cycling bug.

First cycle


Shortly afterwards I went to support my Mum and sister as they did a triathlon. It was a weird feeling, being jealous as I watched them inch gingerly into the cold waters of Chichester Harbour at 7am but jealous I was! And I so I entered for my first tri in September 2013.

I swam breast stroke for the majority of the 750m swim, in a still lake. Once I was out I loved the tri as I kept repeating to myself ‘you didn’t drown, you didn’t drown, you didn’t drown. Now you can do anything!’

Here are some pictures celebrating that first tri – the rest of my family competing in the Olympic distance .

IMG_1436 IMG_2149


So now I’m “in training” for another Sprint distance this year – the aims being:

1) to improve my times on last year

2) to try and swim front crawl at least half of the 750m

3) to try and do better than second last so that I can actually compete against some people!

Wish me luck!!!



    • Thank you! And yes she is – she qualified for her age group to represent the UK at the European Tri Championships this summer – I am looking forwards to being the support crew once again!!

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