Sunday round-up

So we’ve come to the end of what was, for me, quite a busy and successful week training. Yes okay I could have pushed myself harder and faster in various training sessions, but at this point what was most important to me was making sure I had the motivation to actually go out there and do it!! I’ve been finding it easier to motivate myself since I started tweeting about it, reading people’s blogs and their incredible inspirational stories.

When you read about someone running 100 miles, like in this great post from rUnladylike, or another blog I read (I’m so sorry, I can’t remember where from – can anyone help?!) about a woman training for ultra-marathons with a job and kids who got up at 4am (or thereabouts) to get her training in before her kids wake up – all of a sudden it puts my 5k runs into stark comparison!

So that’s why I decided to begin upping the miles and entered for the Nike ‘We Own the Night’ women’s 10k (well I didn’t want to get carried away) with two of my oldest girlfriends from school. I’m so excited!!

I also read something that struck a chord with me on about mini habits. It’s all about little, achievable ideas, i.e. instead of saying “I will improve my fitness” saying “I will do one press-up when I get out of bed”.

“Eating only salad for the rest of my life is hard, but eating an apple in the afternoon is doable”. This I really liked as it’s not about denying yourself anything, but eating that apple may make you less likely to want a huge chocolate bar later on! So I decided to make having a banana and a herbal tea at 4pm a mini-habit that will hopefully stave off the afternoon chocolate cravings…. we’ll see!!!



Monday: cold-weather 30 minute run. Legs aching every minute. This smile may have been on my face beforehand but it certainly wasn’t afterwards….

Tuesday: GREAT morning swim – I felt so pleased with myself as I was swimming 100m without a break!! (Yes that’s a big deal for me!) I will have more swim lessons once I get back to London in March. Then I popped off to a 45minute hill-session spin class – my god I sweat so much in a spin class, it feels great! Then a short run home just as it’s faster than walking.

Wednesday: core work in the morning, 30 minute yoga session using the Yoga Studio app in the evening.

Thursday: gym class in the morning – circuits – and then an hour ‘outdoor focus’ spin class in the evening. I realised at the end that I wasn’t as beat as I should have been … probably should have pushed myself a bit harder. A heart rate monitor may be a good investment I think!

Friday: 25 minute work-out in my flat using the PumpUp app

Saturday: 35 minute run with my mum along Dublin sea-front – not as fast as we could have gone but we did have a nice chat during it!

Sunday: woke up to howling gales and pouring rain. Any sensible person would have stayed in bed. But we had a hike to do! The company I’m working for had organised it and a bus was due to pick a group of us up at 9am. We couldn’t let them down so out we headed. As the bus drove into the hills the rain and visibility got worse… we looked anxiously at each other. Set off walking fast to try and keep warm! Soon we hit the first uphill section and then keeping warm was no longer a difficulty until we almost got blown off the top! Luckily at this stage the rain stopped and the rest of the day was lovely. The mist still hanging quite low but at least it wasn’t raining and the wind died down. Up and down we went along the Wicklow Way, just outside of Dublin, Ireland. We were a large group of all ages and abilities, including a little 10 year old girl. The trip took us about 4 hours and we covered 16km of up and down in that time – my legs are exhausted now!!! Here are some pictures of my mum and me enjoying the walk.


Finished the day with a short 15 minute yoga session to fully stretch out the legs.


I wonder how I’ll be able to run tomorrow……..

Do you ever use apps for your workouts? What’s your favourite?

Did you get up to anything different or exciting this weekend?



  1. Congrats on a good training week. I like to use Daily Mile’s Electric Miles mobile app to track all my training. Thanks also for the shout out on Erica and Julie’s 100-mile trail run. They are rock stars and so motivational. Good luck with your week ahead šŸ™‚ xo

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