Weekly Round-up

BikeThis week saw a personal record of 11 hours 45 minutes spent training!!!! Although that is entirely because my log begins the week on a Sunday and this week involved a long cycle on Sunday and then on the next Saturday…. This week’s tally will be much less as a result!

That was:

8 and a half hours cycling including three days commuting into work by bike and one trip round Richmond Park

45 mins running with just one morning’s run and then a v short 2.5k brick session… Hmmm more running needed! (but then that didn’t include my Sunday morning run)

25 minutes swimming – okay not so good on that front either!

1 Pilates class

1 hour 30 mins yoga

20 minutes exercise from an iPad app in my living room (because I’d been lazy on Friday)

Richmond Park 

Richmond Park on Saturday was beautiful. James and I cycled there together through the traffic of the A3 along Clapham Common and into Wandsworth – very slow going and I was remembering why we don’t go to Richmond Park that often! 45 minutes later we turned up at the park and all was forgotten…. The road stretched out in front of us with a constant stream of cyclists, from those in their jeans and t-shirts to the hordes in cycling jerseys with heads down and legs pedalling furiously. James left me almost immediately and whizzed around the park while I battled the winds and hills of the first part. Half way round the park it was allRichmond Park 2 downhill and was just incredibly fun as I increased my confidence on the bike, going ever faster and faster down the hills and reducing the amount I use my brakes! I did two laps, stopping at one to take some photos, alternating between pushing really hard and just enjoying the sun on my skin and the sight of all the cyclists on the road and the runners on the trail. If you go to any park in London on a weekend you can’t help but marvel at what an active city we seem to be!

James and I met up after we’d both done two laps and decided to do one last slow lap around the park as it was just too beautiful to leave it. As we were whizzing along one of the flat sections I honestly thought I couldn’t be any happier.

Out for dinner on Saturday night for a friend’s birthday – to the Smokehouse in Islington which I would definitely recommend. Fantastic food and a huge selection of beers.

Brockwell ParkSunday morning I was up early for a bowl of porridge with cinnamon and apple and then a 6.7km run from home to Brockwell Park, once round and back. This is a great run as I can easily add on little bits to it and increase my distances. Plus Brockwell Park is beautiful. The runners were out in force and the playground was filled with kids – it was bustling!

Honest Burger in Brixton for lunch (I have to take a picture of this one day – we have this burger almost once a week and it may well be my favourite meal….)

Sunday afternoon we spend cooking and preparing for the week ahead. This week we cooked:

– butternut squash and apple soup (4 portions)

– roast winter veg salad (2 portions)

– lasanga (7 portions) – James makes the worlds best lasanga, annoyingly he is one of those cooks that just throws stuff in the pot and does it by ‘feel’ rather than a recipie which makes it near to impossible for me to rDUke of Edinburgh 2eplicate!

A quick trip to the pub to enjoy the last of the weekend sun and then we had a Ginger Pig rib-eye steak, caramelised leeks and potatoes boulangere for dinner…. I definitely ate very well this weekend!

I hope you had a good weekend and had some sun to enjoy as well!

How did your training go?

What’s your favourite meal and do you cook using recipies or ‘by feel’?!



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