Friday Funday

A quick round-up post for Friday afternoon (less than 3 hours until the end of the week, yaaaay)

1) Something new this week:

foam rollerMy foam roller arrived on Tuesday. I almost cried rolling out my ITB. I’m persevering but I’m a total wimp and my brain keeps saying “surely this can’t be good for you if it hurts this much?!” But I have foam rolled every day since Tuesday and…. my legs are still stiff :/




2) My favourite moment this week:

Hmmm it has been a very ‘meh’ week this week – no particularly bad things, no particularly good things! I got in all my planned training sessions so was really happy. But I had a lovely evening spent in bed with a glass of wine, reading my current book – The Golden Notebook by Doris Lessing. It’s a feminist classic ūüôāGoats cheese

Oh and I almost forgot! A meal out with my Dad on Monday night at Boqueria in Brixton – a slightly upmarket tapas restaurant. We had six dishes between us and one of them was this fantastic goat’s cheese with caramelised onion and red fruits. Mmmmm delicious!

What I’m looking forward to this weekend:

Actually – loads of things:

– nice dinner out in Brixton Village and some red wine with James this evening

– running my second Park Run tomorrow morning at Brockwell Park

– evening in Gremio de Brixton for my friend’s birthday on Saturday. This is a really cool tapas bar / restaurant in the crypt of a church in the middle of Brixton! It’s massive and very chilled out – the food and cocktails are awesome.

And here’s a pic of my lovely kitty Oscar to cheer you on your way towards the weekend ūüôā




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