Happy Hump Day

It’s that time of week again (it seems to have come around soscaro fast this week!), so here’s a second list of five inspirational blogs and posts. I really need these this week… I’ve been feeling exhausted so have decided to make it an easier week. Still getting in the important sessions but not going all out. I just really have not been feeling it 😦 This morning I was all set for an interval session cycle into work but then my cat curled up onto my arms at about 6.30am and lay there purring for the next hour and a half. It was so warm and so nice that there was no way I was getting out of bed! So this evening I will be re-reading these posts to get myself psyched up for tomorrow. What do you do to psych yourself up when you are lacking motivation?

1) 26 reasons to run a marathon

Even after I’d started triathlon training, I never thought I’d run a marathon. I just couldn’t run for that length of time, ever. One sport for over four hours? Borrrring! And my shins would give in and… excuse after excuse after excuse. Then I started reading you runners’ blogs – and boy do you blog a lot. And I got inspired. And then I read this post, and lying in bed at 11pm one Sunday night I just really, really, wanted to do a marathon. An ironman even! (Let’s not get carried away…) I may not be actively training for a marathon at the moment but I no longer have it down as something I’ll never do.

2) The Doubt Beeyotch by SwimBikeMom

I LOVE this blog and this is a great motivational post about how to shut up that niggling little voice in your head saying “you can’t do this”.

This comment in her ‘About Me’ section is what made me think “oooo an Ironman might be a good idea in future”:

“I finished Ironman Coeur d’Alene on June 23, 2013 in 16:44:19… and I heard the words, “Meredith Atwood, You are an Ironman.”  The best/worst/craziest experience of my life… And honestly, don’t think I will ever be the same.”

Honestly, it gave me shivers down my spine.

3) Breaking the Boredom by SwimBikeMom

Okay, same blog again BUT I had to recommend this post after I read this:

“When people say, “I can’t run on a treadmill for more than 20 minutes”—I must say the same thing as the trainer. Why?  Why can’t you?  Do you have a special brand of treadmill that ejects you from the belt after 20 minutes?  Do tiny ninjas come and attack you after 20 minutes? What happens? Why why why?”

I mean that just speaks to me. Yes I do have a special brand of treadmill that tries to eject me from the belt after 20 minutes! (Or 10 minutes if I don’t have something cued up to watch on the ipad….). After reading this I decided to not be such a wimp on the treadmill and did a great 5k last week. Okay that was less than half an hour, but still more than the 15 minutes I usually manage!



4) Roads to Ride: Passo delle Urbe on the Inner Ring

Pictures of beautiful places make me want to cycle round / through / up them. This post is a gorgeous description of a cycling route in the Dolomites in Italy. Yes it’s hilly but oh wow those views are incredible. It really makes me want to work on my legs so I can power myself up those hills and ride that route!

5) Frayed Laces Racing’s Holiday Blog

Laura went to south-east Asia and wrote about it on her blog. I was in Vietnam for two weeks last summer and reading this is just making me re-live it. It also makes me want to go and do another trip! Perhaps not so much motivation to get out there and train, but it definitely gives me something to look forward to 🙂 Plus her running and triathlon story is quite inspiration in itself – read about it here. I LOVE the picture of Laura racing towards the finish in an Ironman with a huge smile on her face. This blog is a new discovery for me and I love it already!

vietnamMemories of my holiday in Vietnam

There are so many incredible people out there, doing some amazing endurance sports and blogging about it too. There’s something about endurance that (to me) is much more impressive than anything else! And the blogs just make me want to take part. So that’s it – time to get out of my funk and embrace training tomorrow with a different attitude!!!

What’s your favourite motivational blog?


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