The end of March!

Well I can’t believe that another month is over – this year is absolutely flying by. Neither can I quite believe that spring keeps showing her face – we’ve had some fantastic weekends in March this month (with the exception of last weekend) due to sunny skies and warm weather. The winter has been over so quickly… last year we had snow at the end of April! Let’s hope I’m not counting my chickens too soon ūüôā


This week went less well on the exercise-front as I just wasn’t feeling it – completely exhausted and really lacking in motivation.

Monday: rest day

Tuesday: cycle commuting (1 hr 15 minutes), 25 minute swim. I found the swim really hard. I’d felt like I had a breakthrough in my last swim lesson but somehow I just couldn’t get it this time, kept swallowing mouthfuls of water halfway down the lane and having to stop. Completely demoralised. Why on earth do I do triathlon when I can’t swim and dislike it?!

Wednesday: a kitty curled up in my arms in the morning meant that I really did not want to get out of bed and ended up too late to cycle in. Just a 50 minute strength session in the gym – but this I loved and this was where I started getting some motivation back! Feeling stronger already.

Thursday: Thursdays are brick days Рcycle into work for 40 minutes then a 5k treadmill run Рmanaged it in 27 min 45 so I was happy with that. Plus the cycle home of course.

Friday: 45 minute strength session in the gym then I had a half day so decided to run home from work. Just over 8k but I ended up getting pretty lost and kept having to stop and check google maps! I’m looking forward to doing it again when I know where I’m going. I was pleased because I kept a pretty constant pace and my 10k time would have been around about 1 hour if I had 2 km more to run…

Friday night I went back to Cambridge for a university reunion. Lots of drinking and catching up with old friends – I didn’t get to bed until 5am and so Saturday was very much another rest day! Invphoto9olving lying on the grass in the sun, sitting outdoors in a pub overlooking the river, wandering through the beautiful colleges and remembering what a fantastic place it was to be at university and how incredibly lucky I am. My five best friends (and my boyfriend!) I met at university almost seven years ago now. It was so much fun to have a weekend away with them, meet up with all those I haven’t seen in four years and relive all our old memories (both the good and the bad!) A really, really fantastic night out and Saturday.



Sunday: to be honest, today I was still feeling lazy but went out for a two hour cycle with 2 laps of Richmond Park without stopping. I was really panting up those hills but despite traffic jams as hundreds of cars tried to get into the car parks I managed to get a PB going round the park ūüėÄ It felt good and I’m so happy I went!




My favourite meal last week was this bowl of mussels – I love mussels but have never made them by myself before. We picked these up from the fishmongers at Herne Hill Market – ¬£7 for 1.5kg of mussels. Quite expensive for just two portions I know, but then this was a little treat. Very quick and easy to¬†cook but not so quick and easy to clean beforehand… luckily James did that before I got home!


For next week…..

James has just made a chicken pie which we’re about to tuck into … yuuuummy.


photo3I put together a green smoothie based on the recipes at Simple Green¬†Smoothies¬†– two cups of spinach, two cups of coconut water, 2 apples, 1 avocado, a handful of mint, a smallish piece of ginger, a few drops of lemon juice and a squirt of the honey bottle. I think it’s slightly too thick for me – more coconut water next time! But really tasty.


photo2 (1)Then I made kibbeh and a gorgeous salad for tomorrow’s lunch. Kibbeh is basically meatballs with lamb mince, bulghur wheat and loads of spices (I’ll post a recipe soon) and it’s a favourite for topping salads. This salad had: spinach, sugar snap peas, cucumber, red pepper, baby tomatoes, an avocado and lots and lots of pomegranate seeds. James then made a dressing with yoghurt and pomegranate molasses. Yum!


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