Hello April, hello spring!

March was a fantastic month that seems to have flown by in a flash. Big things happening were moving back to London from Dublin, getting our bathroom re-done (although we still don’t have a shower or sink!), really upping my training to the most I have done ever in my life and actually enjoying it as well! Didn’t do quite so well in my efforts to eat healthily, the chocolate cookies came back into my afternoon…. and I don’t regret it for a minute as they are so delicious! I also started blogging and getting involved in the fitness blog community which has been exciting and inspiring – in fact, I’d say this is exactly why I’ve started enjoying my training and doing more of it!


On top of all that, spring really has sprung with the clocks going back, the sun coming out, and the weather getting warmer – still 18 degrees C today! I love warm weather and am so happy that we haven’t had a cold winter this year. And that it seems to be over already!

So now into April…..

where I have some really fun things planned including a night in Birmingham with my mum, a wedding in Northumberland, and a 35 mile ‘Up and Downs’ cycle sportive – testing out those hills as part of my training for Venteoux!

I have two goals this month:

1) Keep it fun! That means not stressing when I miss a swim because I really, really didn’t feel like it, or not cycling because it’s torrential rain and blowing a gale. It means not feeling guilty about those mini eggs or that chocolate cookie because, let’s be honest, they taste really good. It means eating more of my boyfriend’s wonderful lasanga without thinking of all the cheese and butter that’s gone into it…. It also means getting out there every day that it’s sunny to make the most of the sun and the warmth, whether I’m cycling or running, I know how much I love it when the sun shines and how crap I feel when I just stay indoors on the sofa on a lovely day.

2) Keep eating healthy! This is a ‘keep’ goal rather than a ‘change’ goal because it was also my goal for March….. I’ve decided it works better for me to add things into my diet than try to remove them. i.e. rather than telling myself not to have that cookie, tell myself to have a green smoothie instead – I still get all the healthy nutrients from the smoothie. With that in mind, I’ve decided to kind-of join in with the Green Smoothie challenge over at Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish.


I say kind of because I’m not going to do it every day – I know I’d just get fed up of the smoothies, bored of making them and run out of ideas. I’d give up pretty quickly and just feel demoralised. So in the spirit of keeping it fun I’m just going to make sure I make at least one big batch of smoothies every week for the whole of April. But I am looking forward to being more healthy, I like the taste of these smoothies and I love the idea of all the goodness I’m getting into my body! I feel a cold coming on so I’m thinking orange, pomegranate and ginger for my next one…..



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