Run in the sun

Today I had an absolutely fantastic workout. It didn’t start quite that way though…. my alarm went off at 8am to get me up for Park Run (for you Americans, that’s a 5k free race that goes on in parks all across Britain). My throat felt dry from the numerous glasses of white wine I’d eaten the night before, and I felt really lethargic. Put it this way, I was not in jump-out-of-bed-and-race mode. I lay in bed for 20 minutes more catching up on reading blogs, had a slow breakfast of weetabix and milk, and did some chores.

Come half 10, the sun was out and the flat was nearly habitable again (after having our bathroom redone this week, it’s been a tip). I put on my running gear and headed out.

photo2 (3)

From my flat down to Brockwell Park, once round and back home again. It’s not far – 6.8km or 4.22 miles to be precise – but it’s longer than my usual 5k! From the moment I got into Brockwell Park, I just loved it. The sun was out and it was really warm, and the park was just full of people. I had to avoid a baby learning to crawl, some young girls out for a walk, and a ginormous man with muscles larger than me who was obviously walking after a hard workout.

I had some fantastic music on – these songs really make me run to the beat and improve my speed!

Coming out of the park, I glanced at Strava and realised I was doing quite well – this gave me the motivation to keep my speed up all the way home! Not the fastest I’ve ever run but the fastest I’ve done that particular route, and I had a smile on my face the whole way round.

Back home I did 10 minutes of this abs routine (oh wow it really hurt) – one minute of each exercise (from an app on my phone)

photo1 (3)

And then 80 one-legged squats (40 on each leg).

And THEN 15 minutes yoga to stretch everything out!!

Finished it all up with a healthy and filling Spanish omelette cooked by the wonderful James – potatoes, slowly cooked onions and red peppers in the omelette, topped with avocado, cucumber and spinach. Yum!

photo1 (4)

I then finished up all my chores so now I’m fully worked-out, have a clean flat and a fridge full of food, and am off to Birmingham for an evening with my mama. Fun times 😀 Such a great start to the weekend!

Hope you all have a wonderful weekend too!

How have your workouts been? What songs do you like to run to?


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