Weekly Round-up – Bit of a slump

Well when it came to Friday I was feeling quite downhearted about the week as a whole. I had to battle with myself to get my workouts in this weekend, but every time I did I was glad as I loved it! Had a fantastic run on Saturday and then today I was putting it off and putting it off and eventually decided to go to the gym and do an interval set on the gym bikes. I sweated buckets and felt fantastic!

It was a new work-out for me and it went like this:

– 5 minutes warm-up, around 80rpm
– 5 x 3 minutes: 1 minute at 100rpm on level 5, 1 minute keeping above 70rpm on level 10, 1 minute recovery back down at level 5.
After that 15 minutes I did three minutes recovery, then repeated the set before another few minutes cool-down.

40 minutes in all and I loved it! The time went by very quickly as I was watching Davina’s ‘Beyond Breaking Point’, a challenge she did for comic relief. Seven days travelling from Edinburgh to London by biking, swimming, hiking and running. She is not an athlete, she’s a 40-something mum and TV presenter and so the fact she managed this is pretty incredible!Watching her swim Lake Windemere with the water temp at 5 degrees I was utterly in awe. Yes she struggled and cried and thought she couldn’t do it – but she did! She crossed that lake and then got on her bike and cycled 60 miles. People are conflicted on this one because many people think that actually she was an idiot to do it, more dangerous than perseverance, but watching the programme I couldn’t help but be awed at her. Helped me power my legs round, that’s for sure!

So the week’s total was 7 hours 10 minutes which boiled down to:

– 1 yoga class and 1 quick yoga app workout
– 2 and a half hours of outdoor cycling
– 40 mins indoor cycling
– 1 6.8km run
– two weights sessions
– 1 swim lesson
– and lots of stretches and one-legged squats thrown in there for good measure!


Included this wonderful burger from Honest Burger on Friday night – the pulled pork special. Yep that is a meat patty with pulled pork on the top. On a diet I most certainly am not!


Made three smoothies this afternoon – all the same. Apple, avocado, mint and ginger with coconut water and a tiny bit of honey. I really wanted to make a pomegranate and ginger one as well but ran out of coconut water! Shock horror. Need to buy some more for later in the week. I’m very badly joining in with the Green Smoothie challenge over at Keeping Healthy, Getting Stylish. Check it out!


Now curled up on the sofa with this wonderful kitty helping me write my blog, I’m so happy ūüôāimage (1)



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