Weekly roundup – eating out

What a fantastic week this has been. It didn’t feel like it at the time, it felt a bit stressful & I felt very tired, but looking back I’ve been ridiculously busy and have managed to get most of my workouts in! Not a cheap week though… Will have to do better next week!

photo2 (4)

Watching the London Marathon on Sunday


Monday as always was rest day.
Tuesday I cycled into work, a bit tired from the night before so put off my swim. At lunch my usual yoga class was cancelled so I hopped in the treadmill instead. I decided to run 5k, mixing up the speeds between 10km/hr and 12.5km/hr. I ran a kilometre at 10.5, one at 11 & one at 11.5. I then played around with holding faster speeds for a few minutes, finishing up with 5k in 26 minutes 46. A new PB so I was very happy! It’s much more fun on the treadmill when you mix up the speeds.

Wednesday I cycled into work then had a great swim session where I actually used a training plan rather than just try & swim the distance for my triathlon. Separate post on this coming up! Strength session in my lunch break and then I was off out so didn’t cycle home.

Thursday I was feeling lazy again in the morning so didn’t make my run. No exercise at all until I cycled home from work in the evening!

Friday saw an hour strength session before work, then a swim lesson at lunch. My instructor is teaching me to do butterfly and I love it. Although wasn’t sure to be flattered or annoyed when he told me I looked much more natural doing butterfly than front crawl. I’ve only done a few lengths of butterfly and I’ve been working on my crawl for over a year!! Very frustrating.

Saturday began with a new PB at Brockwell Park Run – 5k in 25 mins 46 seconds!! It starts with a 25 🙂 now to work for it to begin with a 24 😀 It’s a really hilly course as well so I’m very proud of myself. Must say it wasn’t fun though and I actually thought I was going to be sick at one point. Although as I don’t have a GPS watch I didn’t know if I was finding it so hard because I was going fast, or because I was just feeling weak and dehydrated so I just kept going at the same pace…. Now I’m wondering if having a GPS watch would be a good thing or a bad thing!

Then home for 20 minutes of squats and core work, followed by 30 minutes yoga.

photo3 (2)

Sunday: beautiful 2 hour cycle with two laps photo1 (5)around Richmond Park. Stunningly beautiful. Once home my sister and her boyfriend popped round as they were in London, bringing a feast of a lunch (salads, pies, humous, cheese, bread). Post-lunch I had another short cycle to watch the marathon at Parliament Square. I was watching the 5+ hours guys go through, so much respect to them. Some still running, others walking, others limping along. But all still going. Now seriously considering it for next year…..!!!




Ate out Monday night for my grandpa’s birthday which was a lovely evening, good food and it’s always good to spend time with the grandparents. Some amusing moments though as my dad’s wife is Russian and its apparently a Russian tradition at someone’s birthday for everyone else to give a short speech about the birthday person. So she stood up and made a lovely, v complimentary speech about my grandpa. He is a typical dour, grumpy old Scottish man and also half-deaf – so much more comfortable with the general British humour of being sarcastically mean about someone!

Wednesday was my friend Chris’ birthday. I and a few friends had dinner at The Eagle in Clerkenwell before surprising him at Craft Beer Co for a few drinks. He was so surprised that he went speechless for a bit, it was lovely.

Saturday I had another fantastic Honest Burger with James and a friend for lunch before an afternoon nap (well I had just got a 5k PB!) and then into Caytre Soho for a lovely Vietnamese meal with some friends in the evening. Very spoilt!

photo5 (1)

I had a fantastic bowl of Saigon Pho, better than many I’d had in Vietnam. But I must say the spring rolls, although nice, weren’t as good as the ones James can make at home so I was left feeling just slightly disappointed! The service was great, v friendly and helpful waiters, but the room itself was incredibly busy, noisy, and ridiculously hot. Especially with my hot soup I was bright red and boiling hot by the end!! A really good meal though and I’d definitely go back.

photo4 (1)

I’ve been sporadically keeping up with Laura at Keeping Healthy Getting Stylish on her green smoothie challenge, loving my usual avocado, apple and spinach smoothies. But today I decided to branch out and try something new….


It looks the worst out of any I’ve made but tastes incredible…. 2 handfuls of spinach, 2 cups of coconut water, seeds from 1 whole pomegranate, one tiny avocado and one banana. Can’t wait to drink it tomorrow! (Update: it turns out banana is quite strong and that’s the main taste I’m getting – perhaps next time more pomegranates and less banana as I love the taste of pomegranate! That might make it look a bit better too….)

photo (2)

All in all a fantastic week! Made better by the beautiful weather today, so nice to have lunch with my sister outside in the garden under the sun. Although I do have cycle-short tan lines… ooops!




    • Pomegranate is the best – it goes in pretty much every salad I make!! Little bursts of loveliness in your mouth 🙂
      Maybe it would work best added into a smoothie later on so it’s not blended in completely… hmm an idea for next week!

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