A really long run

Alright, perhaps not really long … shhh all you marathon / ultra runners out there. But we all have to start somewhere and for me this was really long!

12.4km – the longest I’ve ever run by around 4km.

I set off to run home from work with the thought in my head that I could always jump on a bus for the last little bit if it was getting too late / I was too hungry / [insert excuse here]

My backpack was light, my headphones were pink, I was wearing my brand new running vest and the setting sun was shining brightly. The city looked beautiful as I ran along the Thames Path towards it from Canary Wharf.


The thoughts that got me through the first 5k were solely about the marathon. I was running along the roads that the marathon runners had pounded just the day before, the side of the pavements still littered with empty gel sachets. If all of those people could run 26 miles there is absolutely no reason I can’t run 12k and enjoy it!

But my legs were aching, they were sore and heavy and my calves were screaming at me. I put it down to the fact that Monday is usually my rest day and so they were just exhausted after a busy weekend. When I got home I checked my strava and it turned out I’d posted two splits of just over 4 minutes for the first two km (very fast for me!) and so that may have explained why the next 5 felt so difficult….

The km that involved running over Tower Bridge was very slow… this may have been due to tourists and also me snapping lots of photos!

sunset tower bridge

From then on in I was on the same route as I cycle home. This made it much, much easier. “Just run to the next roundabout” I told myself. Then “just run to Elephant and Castle” and gradually I split it into smaller and smaller sections. By the time I was past E&C it was fully dark and it was now quite peaceful as I jogged along the road as all the cyclists overtook me! Much faster on a bike.

Came in my front door after 1hr 15 and collapsed onto the sofa only to find that I’d done it with an average of less than 6 minutes a km which made me very happy! Aim is 10k in under an hour so I’d managed that on my first 10k (plus) run! As I stretched out James served up the dinner and I was very happy to sit down and eat this incredible bowl of courgette pasta with pesto, pine nuts, spinach, asparagus and goat’s cheese.

courgette pasta

Fantastic run! Although getting out of bed this morning was impossible. I ignored my 7am alarm and set a 7.30am one. Far too tired for a swim but perhaps should go and use the foam roller pre-work. Ignored that alarm, then ignored the 7.50am alarm, then finally had to drag myself out of bed at 8am or else I would be late! Slow and tired cycle into work 😀


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