WIAW #3 – all the snacks

This What I Ate Wednesday (from the incredible Peas and Crayons blog) is actually Tuesday’s as tonight I’m getting the train to Newcastle for a wedding and so dinner will be a rubbish-y sandwich on the go followed by wine on the train. Although it turns out that yesterday I ate all of the food so perhaps today would have been better! Anway – I’ll be brutally honest about what I ate….


Standard bowl of porridge with dried bananas. Although this time I chose the vat of porridge with milk instead of water, just because I felt like it. It was loads better though. I love dairy. Sadly it doesn’t always love me 😦

1 portion of fruit


Really yummy and tasty salad with a whole host of ingredients. How to make a salad tasty? Add red meat 🙂 Marinated and grilled flat iron steak with a dressing involving pomegranate molasses (don’t ask me for more details – James works wonders with his dressings). Then I added in spinach, baby gem lettuce, tomatoes, red peppers, cucumber, avocado, lots of pomegranate seeds, pine nuts and goat’s cheese. YUM!!!!! I immediately followed that up with a creme egg – one of my favourite things about Easter (my other favourite thing is mini eggs). This was all eaten sitting on the grass outside my office as I was too tired for my lunch time work-out. Definately worth it to soak up some sun.

steak salad

I’m going to go for…. four portions of veg


Hmmmm. I arrived in the office this morning to find my lovely secretary had placed a Cadbury’s Easter Egg on my chair. All morning it was sitting on my desk winking at me, and shortly after lunch I realised I couldn’t stop thinking about having some of that egg… what has gotten into me?! I never used to even like chocolate that much!

I remembered I had a smoothie jar in the fridge so had that – yummy bananas, avocado, pomegranates, ginger and coconut water.

Two portions of fruit / vegall the snacks

Shortly after – still hungry. Had a bag of Proper Corn popcorn (I love this stuff). Then just couldn’t stop myself and had to have one (and then another one) of the small chocolate bars that came with the Easter egg. Yuuuuum. Pretty sure this is more than I’ve snacked in ages, I obviously didn’t refuel properly after my run yesterday. I always feel if I’ve been doing exercise, and I’m having cravings for things, my body just needs it. No point winding myself up over a few chocolate bars now and then!!



James and I had a team effort to cook up a delicious (and huge) pan of asparagus risotto. Risotto is so easy to make and always tasty and delicious. A great way of carb-loading with that risotto rice, and also a great way of using up whatever you may have in your fridge as you can put pretty much anything in it. Last night ours had asparagus, mint and peas in it – two portions of veg. Here’s how we did it…risotto

1) Gently fry some white onions

2) Add in the risotto rice and turn the heat up a bit. Let the risotto rice fry for a few minutes until you worry that it might start to stick.

3) Get another small pot with some stock bubbling. We normally have an ice-tray full of homemade chicken stock cubes from whenever we cook a whole chicken, but you can of course use supermarket stock cubes as well.

4) Pour in a glass of alcohol to your rice pan – sherry is best, white wine also good and we’ve made it with rose before – whatever you have! Let the alcohol cook off.

5) Start adding stock, a ladle-full or two at a time, just enough to almost cover the rice. Let it all soak in, stirring as you do so, before you add another ladle. You do have to stand by the stove and stir – I usually take my phone and catch up on blogs whilst I do so!

6) When you think you have one ladle of stock to go, add in a few handfuls of asparagus spears. Mix well.

7) When the risotto is done, but still with a bit of bite, stir in a chunk of butter, a few handfuls of parmesan and lots of peas. Cover the pan with tinfoil and let it sit for 5 minutes or so.

8) Sprinkle some more parmesan over the top and then top with a handful of fresh mint. Serve with a glass of chilled white wine 😀

I can’t believe how much I snacked yesterday!! All delicious but I wish I’d had some humous or something to snack on rather than chocolate – I do actually prefer humous and it’s better for you!

Nine portions of fruit / veg in the day as well. Balances out all that chocolate!!!




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