What I Ate Wednesday #4 – fruit and veggies

More fruit and veggies! Quite pleased with yesterday’s day of eats (this week’s WIAW is actually What I Ate Tuesday…..) (Check out Peas and Crayons for where the WIAW link-up began!)


I made a promise to myself that whenever I motivate myself to get out of bed and go for a swim, I can have porridge with milk instead of with water (it’s the small things :D) So it was pouring with rain in the morning and I decided not to cycle into work but to get the tube and go for a swim instead.

Delays / closures on the Jubilee line threw my commute into disarray and it took loads longer to get into work than normal so I only managed a 20 minute swim. I was doing a drill set (more on that later) and it went very quickly, I even enjoyed it! So breakfast was porridge with milk and dried bananas.


Lunch: I was heading to yoga when I saw a friend sitting in the canteen at work who I hadn’t seen for ages. So yoga quickly took a back seat and I went for a chat with my friend. Lunch was James’ fantastic lasanga with a salad of spinach, lettuce, tomatoes and cucumber (at least 3 portions of veg). The lasanga itself is probably 1 – 2 portions of veg as the ragu is cooked for about 5 to 6 hours with onions, garlic, celery, carrots, tinned tomatoes and fresh tomatoes. This makes a huge lasanga with about 6 portions.

We use meat from our local butchers, not hugely expensive and we know it’s good quality, from farms where the animals are well-looked after. Buying nice cheese also makes a huge difference for lasanga! We do try and buy all our food locally. It is slightly more expensive but not hugely so (only the cheese is much more expensive – and when we buy steaks!) and it’s something we are happy to spend our money on and budget on other things!

Post-lunch I wanted to continue my chat with my friend so I bought a cookie. They’re ridiculously nice so no excuses needed. Unless I’m having more than one a day….

cookie 2

Dinner: chicken legs (again from our local butchers) on a bed of roast veg – roast onions, garlic, red pepper, leeks and tomatoes, with a mix of white beans and borlotti beans. James was making it and he was unhappy as it’s not a dish you can throw lots of butter into. If I’d been making it, I would have added a few spices… some cinnamon and some paprika. And that, right there, is the difference between our cooking styles! Dinner took forever to make so I had a few mini eggs as a snack while we were cooking 🙂

chicken and veg bake

Along with a nice wheat beer before bed.

I think that’s 8 – 9 portions of fruit and veg (mainly veg) in one day! I do think it’s pretty hard to hit ten unless you are vegetarian or adding in fruit / veg smoothies on a daily basis.


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