Week in Review – feeling strong :)

This week was FANTASTIC!

A total of 11 hours training including…… 3 runs, 3 swim sessions, 1 interval session, 1 strength session, 2 core sessions, 2 days cycle commuting and one long cycle ride at the weekend.

kitty in treeAs soon as the sun shines my kitty decides to climb trees

It was a bank holiday so I made the most of the sun on Monday to go for a 7km run. This I found hard – I was slow and my legs felt like lead so I blamed it on all the drinking and partying from the wedding the week before. I then had a lovely lunch on my patio with James and my mum and sister who had come to visit after their first triathlon of the season. James and I then spent the afternoon doing what bank holidays are made for…. housework. We cleaned out the entire cellar and organised all the stuff we’ve just been throwing down there to keep it out of the way. 4.30pm and our flat looked like this:cleaning cellar

Luckily we managed to get it all put away and headed to the Duke of Edinburgh pub for a few drinks in the beer garden before the sun set… and then a gorgeous beer battered fish and chips for dinner.

Tuesday was just a swim day, doing some new swim drills in the pool for 20 minutes before work (would have been longer but there were big delays on the tube annoyingly)

Wednesday: cycle commuting, 20 minutes swim drills (I swam 900m! That’s loads for me!) and then a 5k run at lunch time. I work in Canary Wharf and it turns out that in less than 10 minutes I can run to Mudchute Park where it looks like this:

mudchute 2 mudchute

Like being out in the countryside and I get there and back within a half an hour run!! It was lovely and I returned to work all energised for the afternoon.

Thursday: For some reason, my cycles to and from work were the fastest they’ve ever been. I knocked six minutes in total off my previous PB! 36 minutes on the way in and 32 minutes on the way back. It used to take me 45-50 minutes to cycle into work so I can really see how I’ve got fitter. I spent my lunch break doing some intervals on the gym bike and then some core work.

Friday: 45 minutes strength session in the morning where I increased ALL my weights. I was feeling nice and strong until I bumped into a male friend using the same machine as me with about six times the weights. And shoulders like you’ve never seen. I was a bit overwhelmed 😉 but kept on with my assisted pull-ups and little weights 🙂 And then a swim lesson where the instructor had me doing 100m medleys – yep I can now swim a whole length of butterfly.

Went with some friends to our usual Honest Burger for Friday night’s dinner. Ended up drinking too much (as always!) so that put paid to Park Run at 9am Saturday morning…. oh well!

Saturday: Really busy running errands all morning and early afternoon. I wasn’t sure if I was going to make it out for a run. My mind kept saying “go and do it, you’ll enjoy it” and then it kept saying “oh but you’re really tired and sooo busy”. Anyway eventually I stopped arguing with myself, put my running gear on and off I went. I ran 10k in less than an hour. AND I LOVED IT. I kept a steady pace the whole way round, had some great tunes going, and my legs were just really enjoyed gently going one in front of the other. At no point did it feel hard, at no point did I want to stop. Even at the end I felt I could have run further. I was so ridiculously pleased with myself and so in love with running.

Sunday: James, my mum and myself met in Dorking for the Wiggle Up and Downs sportive. We’d decided just to do the short version – 35 miles – as the next distance up was 80 miles and the course involved a LOT of climbing. We did over 1000m of climbing overall including bad boys such as Leith Hill and White Down. White Down is a KILLER. Narrow, bad road conditions, very steep and it feels like it just keeps going on. Feels good at the top though 🙂 We did the whole thing in 3 hours with one stop at a feed station so, considering the climbs, felt pretty pleased with ourselves!

wiggle up and downs

Back home it was just time to cook up a chicken pie and a green smoothie (spinach, avocado, apple, mint and banana – why is banana such an overwhelming flavour?!), book a holiday to Spain in the summer (soooo excited!) and then head to the pub for a few Sunday afternoon drinks with friends. A perfect weekend.

So there you go! A quick round-up of training – a fantastic week and one in which I really felt all my training was starting to pay off. Four weeks until tri-day…….

week in review



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  1. Welcome to the Week In Review. I love seeing new faces, and my oh my, were you accomplished last week. I’m pretty sure you did more exercise than I do in a month. Kudos to you, especially for shaving minutes off your PB. That is impressive.

    My kitties like to climb trees too. That and bring me furry friends that are no longer living. I prefer the former for obvious reasons. 🙂

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