Hello May!

I can’t believe it’s time for another monthly round-up. And this one comes slightly late as May just snuck up on me in the middle of last week.

Two bloggers I really like do monthly round-ups – Laura over at Keeping Healthy Getting Stylist concentrates on a blogging round-up and a monthly pledge and Jodi at Runjodirun reviews her training for the month and her progress on her missions for the year. I always like those posts so this is kind of a balance between the two!

I still didn’t do particularly well in eating healthily but have decided I don’t photo 1 (1)really care…. I get more than enough (i.e. more than 5, normally at least 7) portions of fruit of veg in a day and I pretty much never eat processed food so that’s good enough for me! Training went fantastically, especially these last few weeks where I have really been reaping the rewards. Okay it may have taken three months to really see the pay-offs but it’s been worth it!


One example is that today I ran a 5k in a personal best of around 25mins 48 seconds. Back in February, I couldn’t manage a 5k in under 30 minutes.

photo 2 (1)

Beautiful Brockwell Park Run

So Strava tells me that in the last 28 days I have….

  • cycled 293km (182 miles)
  • run 60km (37.2 miles)

I had three solid weeks of training and one rest week, I worked hard at work, went to a wedding in Newcastle, ate out a lot and spent a lot of time in the pub with good friends. Life is good.

photo5 (1)

My goals were to keep it fun – which I definitely did, absolutely loving my training – and keep it healthy – which I suppose I kinda managed….

And so into May….

where I have a lot planned, including open water swim training sessions, a 10k race, a posh dinner out with James at a very expensive restaurant… oh and a triathlon!!!

My goal for this month is simple.

Push my training, be happy with my times in the triathlon.

It’s all about getting a result I’m happy with and being able to compete with other triathletes. Last time I was so near the back of the pack I wasn’t really able to compete at any stage. I have very realistic goals…

1) Swim front crawl for most of the swim

2) Cycle hard on my drop bars – it’s just the same as two laps around Richmond Park after all

3) Run hard – sub-30 minutes after the swim and cycle and I will be happy. Sub-27 minutes and I will be VERY HAPPY

So it’s all about the fitness in May… last push until the triathlon and I cannot wait! Honestly I wish it was right now… but then I may drown in the open water swim so probably good to wait until I’ve had some practice!

What are your goals for May? Good luck for them!!

How did April go for you?


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