Week in Review!

Time for my week in review – link-up hosted by Meghan over at Clean Eats, Fast Feets

week in review

1) Two rest days … one unplanned and due to alcohol. Oh well. Saturday night was great fun even if staying in bed until 4pm on Sunday was not fantastic training for a triathlon in three weeks time ….!!!!!

2) 7 hours 30 mins total hours training

3) A new 5k PB in Park Run – 25 minutes 30 seconds!!!! And Brockwell Park run is very hilly so I reckon I can get below 25 minutes on a flat course by the end of this year. The run also felt much easier than when I did my previous PB just a few weeks before (and a minute slower!)

photo (4)

(although this guy in his 70s in a shirt, trousers and dress shoes was ahead of me for most of the 5k – a bit demoralising but huge respect!)

4) Two great swim sessions. One of which I had the pool to myself except for two little baby mice playing around by the window. Good thing I’m not scared of mice!

5) Relaxing evening in on Friday night with this incredible dinner – lamb kebabs from Ginger Pig, salad and couscous. James makes couscous good by chucking in a hunk of butter… hate to admit it but it really does make it tastier!

photo 3 (2)photo 1 (3)



6) Gardening! My friend Charlotte and I spent
Saturday afternoon in the garden centre and then James and I made our garden for the summer. Two tomato plants, 1 cucumber plant, 1 courgette plant, 2 hanging baskets of strawberries, mint, rosemary, thyme, a blueberry tree and a little vine to hopefully cover my trellis in lovely flowers. I LOVE the garden in the summer.

photo 2 (3)

photo 1 (2)

(and there are three pots to the left of the picture that you can’t even see :D)

7) Fantastic night on Saturday at my friend’s house. We take it in turns to do a dinner party and get quite snobbish / competitive about what we cook. Tom’s contribution was fantastic this week (with help from his friend Becca) – ceviche to start, roasted sea bass with potatoes, lentils and salsa verde for a main, chocolate and salted caramel pots for pudding and then a ridiculous amount of cheese. We tend to move from the table to the sofa for the cheese course and I make sure I’m positioned right in front of it so I can just keep on snacking all night long. Snacking and drinking ridiculous amounts of wine.



  1. This sounds like a wonderful week, and I’m so glad you came back to the party.

    1) Losing a day to alcohol happens sometimes, and I appreciate your full disclosure.
    2) Butter always makes everything better. It’s a fact.
    3) Every time I run with my 60 plus year old father, he laps me so I get being behind the gentleman in the hat.
    4) I love gardening anything and everything. I get so excited this time of year too, just waiting and watching it all grow. This year we put in a raised bed so I’m extra excited. I’m also jealous of your blueberry plant. Your patio set up looks awesome. I hope you post more progress pictures in the future. I would love to see them.

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