An intense lunch-time workout

I’m a busy girl (aren’t we all) and I often finish work far too late in the evening for a workout – especially when you factor in dinner, the fact I’m usually starving when I finish work (around 7pm, if not later) and my love of 10pm bedtimes. The only after-work workout I get is cycling home, and while I do make the most of that, speeding to those traffic lights, sometimes a triathlete needs something a little extra.

So that’s where my lunch-time workouts come in. These have to be quick – around 40 minutes as it has to fit into an hour along with changing, showering, and microwaving my lunch! I’ve come up with one workout all on my own which I love as you can adapt it to how strong you’re feeling / how long you have. As long as you are panting for breath at the end of those intervals and sweating, you are doing it right!

lamb mince lunchPost-workout desk lunch…

Here’s what I do….

– 3 minute warm-up on the bike (this was me cutting down a 5 min warm-up to save on time)

two x 3 minute intervals of:

  1. 1 minute seated in a relatively low gear, RPM around 100 – 110
  2. 1 minute standing in a high gear, RPM between 65 – 80
  3. 1 minute easy spinning legs in a low gear to recover (i usually spend the first 30 secs of this going sooo slowly as my heart rate comes back down)

– then I jump off the bike and head to the treadmill!  Here I do two x 3 minute intervals of:

  1. 2 minutes running – around 10.5 or 11 kph
  2. 1 minute running at 13.5kpm (this is super-fast for me and I am always worried I’m going to fall off the treadmill Bridget-Jones-style. In fact sometimes, because I am so scared of this, I run so close to the front of the treadmill that I’ve been known to hit my hands on it as they swing forward. That hurts.)

treadmill view

Once that six minutes is over we are 15 minutes in and it’s back to repeat the whole thing over again. I’m then panting more than you can imagine and I’m a huge sweaty mess. I love it.

After the second round, it’s onto the mats for 5 minutes of abs work.

russian twists

  1. 1 minute russian twists (these are my favourite)
  2. 1 minute heel taps (where you lie on your back with your knees bent and reach your hands down to tap your heels. It looks ridiculously easy but my love handles (or side abs(?!)) are burning by the end
  3. 1 minute leg extends (lying on my back with my legs straight vertically above me, then lowering my legs to hover off the floor – keeping them straight all the time)
  4. 1 minute side plank to the left
  5. 1 minute side plank to the right

Then it’s stretches and I’m done!

Make no mistake, this is hard. Especially as you can up the gears / revs on the bike – as long as one minute is sprinting and the second is hill climbing. And I can keep increasing the speed on the treadmill as I get stronger and faster. But all that just about fits into 40 minutes in my lunch break so it’s perfect!!

have a try 🙂



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