Week in Review

Time for the Week in Review with Meghan over at Clean Eats, Fast Feets  🙂

week in review

This week was my second last week of training before my triathlon and it also contained a 10k race! (Which I blogged about here.) I was also living alone for three days while my boyfriend/chef went to a conference in Germany which caused a tricky moment on Tuesday night when I realised I had absolutely no idea what I would eat without him.

1) Ten and a half hours(!) of training. That was…. Three swims, three days of cycle commuting, two 10k runs, two yoga sessions, one interval session, one strength session and one tired Alice come Sunday … another unscheduled rest day.

photo4 (2)

2) one of my swim sessions was an open water swim – an hour spent in the resevoir at Stoke Newington with the RG Active coaches. I’ve written a whole blog about it which I’ll post later. As you know I’ve had a bit of a mental block about swimming, still thinking I couldn’t do it despite swimming twice a week for over four months now. I did my first triathlon having swum maybe four times since primary school. I couldn’t swim and yet I was still doing triathlon. I hope that mental block is over now but with me these things are very up and down so it will probably go horribly wrong when I get in the pool tomorrow!

3) No lasagna eaten this week! One no-James-dinner involved hummous with toast. I got better after that and cooked up salad with chorizo, peppers stuffed with mince, and an incredible Lebanese lamb shank stew which we are yet to eat but I’m very excited about.

stuffed peppers

4) I hosted my first feminist discussion group. A friend set up the group on facebook and there are discussion meetings once a month. Anyone can volunteer for it to be at their house so I siezed the chance with James being away to do so. It was so much fun! There were six of us, only two of whom I knew, and while we were all coming from the same basic starting point, we had lots of different opinions so it was a lively and enjoyable discussion. We chatted about sex and relationship education in schools, about sexual harassment on the street and at work, about rape and the prejudices and stereotypes that surround it, and why that might be. We swapped opinions and anecdotes with some shocking stories of sexual harassment at work. Anyone who thinks it doesn’t happen anymore needs to open their eyes and ears a little bit more! It was really interesting and the evening flew by!

5) On Sunday evening, James and I went for pre-dinner drinks with some friends at Brindisa. White wine and lots of cheese, meat and bread with olive oil meant I didn’t do too well eating my own dinner! The jamón bellota at Brindisa is melt-in-the-mouth incredible and I polished off a lot of pico blue cheese. Following the Spanish theme, for dinner James and I were having a Spanish stew with chorizo sausage, morcilla and pancetta, all of which we’d bought during the day from Brindisa’s shop. James cooked it with tinned tomatoes, white beans and borlotti beans and LOTS of paprika.

sunday at brindisa

6) I improvised a green smoothie that I think might be my best yet – the usual spinach, avocado and two apples, together with half a red pepper, a large handful of strawberries and half a banana. Strawberry and banana is a combination that cannot be beaten (and I got a big pack of strawberries from Lidl for only £1 :D)

And there we go! Last week of full-on training before taper week and I began it well this morning by planning a 5k run and then at 7am turning my alarm back on for 8am and snuggling back into bed. 🙂

Hope everyone else had a great week!



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