Simple week-day dinner

Tuesday night I cooked up a new dinner for us and it was so good and easy I thought I’d share it with you all 🙂 Plus my Wednesday eats of course as I haven’t done a WIAW post in a while!

Lamb, Goat’s Cheese and Asparagus Tart

I cheated and bought ready-rolled Jus Roll puff pastry. Well, I say cheated – the whole point ofpie this meal is something relatively quick for a week day evening so there is absolutely no shame in buying ready-rolled and no point in making your own pastry on a Tuesday night!

I bought 200g of lamb mince from our favourite Ginger Pig butchers and tipped it into the frying pan with some oil. I added half a teaspoon each of allspice, paprika and cinnamon and stirred it all around so that the spices were fully mixed in. I turned the heat down and let the lamb brown. I probably should have added salt at this point but I forgot.

I laid the pastry out on a baking tray and covered it with red pesto. Again, I could make this myself but just used a jar as we were going for minimum effort. Maybe in future I’ll make up a batch at the weekend… or maybe not.

I tipped the lamb mince onto the pastry and spread it out evenly before chopping the woody stalks off some asparagus and slicing them up into slightly smaller spears. These were then spread evenly over the pastry. I got a huge hunk of goat’s cheese and chopped it up to layer all over every bit of the pastry (what? I like goat’s cheese?!) and finally finished by topping the whole thing off with some pine nuts (James’ idea).

I popped the whole thing into my pre-heated oven at 200 degrees C and left it for about 25 minutes while I put a wash away and unpacked my bag from the day. Served with a salad of spinach, tomato, cucumber and avocado this may even have had the full 5 portions of fruit and veg in one meal! And of course a glass of lovely red wine.

pie with salad

So this in a tupperware is my lunch for Wednesday 🙂

Now onto WIAW proper:

Breakfast: a glass of chocolate milk post 6k run. I was at home as we had a builder in and I was out of weetabix or enough milk for porrige (and I was lazy) so, what with the later commute (I didn’t get into work until 10.30), this and a coffee saw me through to an early lunch…

Lunch: see above! Luckily having to cut up the pastry with a plastic knife and fork made sure I didn’t just devour the meal as I was starving by 12.30 having not had breakfast! Post-lunch was a chocolate cookie. I didn’t need it and was weighing up whether or not to have it, especially as this is taper week so not much exercise is getting done… then I remembered that I love chocolate cookies and not to be so silly. So I had one 🙂

Snack: I’ve gone for buying a pot of humous to keep in the fridge at work (as well as the fridge at home – you can never have too much humous). So for quite a while this afternoon I just snacked on carrot sticks and humous. Yum 🙂

Dinner: involved lots of wine and canapes. Oh dear. Home slightly too late and I’m very hungover today!!




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