Week in Review – tapering and political sadness :(

For once this will be a quick Week in Review as I didn’t do that much this week… except a triathlon!!! (Which I already blogged about here)

week in review

1) 8 hours total exercise – and it was tapering week so I’m impressed with that! That was…. one run, one cycle commute, one 10k walk, one triathlon, one swim, two yoga sessions.

2) I took taper week really seriously…… by which I mean I got very drunk at a work do on Wednesday night and was incredibly hungover all day Thursday. Well at least I kept a bottle of water by my side all day! Taper week also meant I had to get the tube home so I enjoyed some wonderful rush-hour commutes :/

photo 2 (9)

3) Lots of lovely dinners with my boyfriend including this lamb, aubergine and goat’s cheese tart – recipe here (it’s very quick and easy!)

pie with salad

4) One 10k walk in the sun with all my friends from work – it went surprisingly quickly as we photo 3 (8)chatted our way around, catching up on life and work. What with all my lunch-time training I’ve been missing out on lunch times with my fellow trainees at work so it was really nice to catch up. Plus the weather was gorgeous, and the London Legal Walk as a whole raised over half a million pounds for the London Legal Support Trust (I already wrote about why it’s such a great charity on my Week in Review last week – but basically cuts to legal aid in the UK have made it really hard for people who aren’t really rich to get legal representation so they have to advocate for themselves against trained barristers… the London Legal Support Trust provides funds so that they can get legal representation). Here’s the official photo of our team – we were the largest team from a legal firm this year so were very happy with our turn-out!

Clifford Chance 2

5) Elections! I was so annoyed by the election coverage in the UK – all of this ‘UKIP landslide’ Screen Shot 2014-05-26 at 19.36.49when they had something like 157 seats and Labour had 1,850 (or thereabouts). Yes it was a big % increase for UKIP but still….. UKIP have won the European elections however…. I don’t really have anything to say about this as it upsets me that the dominant mood in this country, exacerbated by the messages our right-wing media sends out, is that immigration is bad thing. When you have a politician who openly says “it makes me feel uncomfortable when I hear people speaking foreign languages in public” (What about tourists Mr Farage? What about the fact that your wife is German and speaks German to your children?) and “there are a lot of people who would feel uncomfortable if a Romanian family move in next door” (this is ridiculous – romanians could be neighbours from hell just in the same way that a ‘British’ family could be neighbours from hell) – when you have a politician who makes those sorts of comments (I’ve paraphrased) and then is voted for, it makes me really worried about this country. What makes me happier is that multicultural London has rejected UKIP in its voting – we live day in and day out with immigrants as our friends and colleagues and benefit so much – not least from the fact you can eat incredible food from pretty much any worldwide cuisine in London! Anyway … that’s enough from my political soapbox. The elections made me sad, that’s all.

6) One lovely two hour drive from London to my mum’s house on Friday night where I listened to all the election coverage on the radio, sang my heart out to some tunes, and breathed a sigh of happiness when I turned into my road and saw this stunning view. The view of home. It makes me feel so restful – such big skies – and I knew then it would be a good weekend!

photo 1 (10)

Hope everyone else had a lovely week!


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