Hello summer!

Well this is weird, it’s now June….. Another month gone and the year is flying by! But this month has been pretty busy, with a 10k race and a sprint triathlon in the bag.


So in May I….
cycled 22 times and a total of 345km (214 miles)
ran 8 times with a total distance of 49km. My longest distance was 10.2km and my fastest run was at a speed of 5 min 4 secs/Km (over 5km)

Happy with that! On the food front we cooked a lot but had some incredible meals out, like the taste extravaganza that was Restaurant Story and Saturday’s wonderful pulled pork burgers.


And now into June…. Well, first of all – Juneathon! I read along for the end of Janathon and that’s what encouraged me to start blogging so I thought I should join in this time! A difficult start as next week involves two full days of driving so we’ll have to see what I can do….

Juneathon began with a slow 5.5k on the footpaths around my dad’s house on the south coast of England. I actually took my dad with me for the first bit – the first run he will have done in years if not decades! I said he could run for 2 and a half minutes with me and then turn around and run home. After just over a minute he said “I think I’ll turn back now” but I kept him with me for the two and a half minutes! Then I went off and explored the footpaths.


Sore on my ankles and so slow but I think it’s good training for triathlon – increasing the mobility in my ankles. Beautiful open fields to run round. Very different from the streets of Brixton.


So what else does June have in store? Lots of course!

– an attempt to cycle up Mont Ventoux. I really, really hope I can do this and that I don’t hate every moment! Also that I get to enjoy a nice few days break with my sister.

– a weekend spent on the water trying to get my Yacht Master sailing certificate. I lived on a boat for a year and crossed the Atlantic twice but I still can’t rent a boat for a holiday so I need to get the bit of paper! Then my friends and I can have lovely lazy holidays on a boat in the Med

– a trip to Austria to watch my mum compete for team GBR as an age-grouper in the triathlon Europeans! I’m so excited and hope she does well. I’m such a proud daughter – it’s due to her that both my sister and I have got into it!

– keep on with my own training for my next triathlon in September, focussing on improving my leg strength so my cycling gets better.

and that’s me done on my first day of Juneathon! Night everyone ūüôā


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