Leisurely Cycling in Provence

Day 5 of Juneathon (exercising and blogging every day for the month of June) has been incredible. Just a perfect day in every way. We woke up to bright blue, clear skies, and as it’s been raining more than usual in Provence recently the trees and grass were bright green, the landscape bursting with colour. A quick breakfast and we left the house on our bikes around half 9. Now when I say ‘we’, I mean myself, my sister, my 82 yr old gran and my 84yr old grandad. Gran has a wonderful bike with a small motor on it. The battery is only small so she has to pedal but it just makes sure she can keep going and can keep up with grandad! This bike has allowed her to keep cycling as she’s gotten older and it’s fantastic.


We cycled almost 20k, an hour, away from the house along empty streets lined with orchards and vineyards,with the hills in the background, along the sparkling waters of the river Durance until we came to Senas.


We stopped here for a coffee and a pastry – Jilli and I shared a tarte au framboise. This might be my favourite thing in the world but they just aren’t the same in England!


Then a slow cycle back to the house. We went in formation with grandad first, then gran, then Jilli and I cycling along together, enjoying the beautiful scenery and having a chat.


Cycling doesn’t always have to be about ‘exercise’ or about going as fast as you can. It can be a great way to explore the countryside and revel in the pure enjoyment of open air, warm wind on your arms, beautiful scenery. Having said that, I did throw in a few sprints to get my heart rate up!


A lovely lunch with a glass of rosé and ice cream to finish and then I’ve spent the afternoon reading on the patio, along with 25 minutes of the Kinetic Revolution stretches and mobility exercises. Fully resting my body for the big cycle tomorrow!




      • It’s remarkable. I wasn’t able to do it with my parents let alone my grandparents. I have a 12 year old grandson I ride with occasionally. I hope that by the time I am 80 (and I am not far off the mark), I can still get out with him.

  1. Oh I hope you can too! And I’m sure that would mean a lot to your grandson as well. I think my grandparents’ secret has been not stopping the casual, gentle cycles. They can’t go as fast as they used to but after so many years, cycling is kind of natural to them. As long as you don’t stop you’ll be fine!!

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