Tri-Talk Tuesdays – Balance

I’m linking up with the triathlon girls again for Tri-Talk Tuesdays – You Signed up for What, Cupcake Triathlete and TriGirl Chronicles. There are so many running blogs out there that I’m always really excited when I find a new triathlon blog!

Tri Talk Tuesday

So this week’s theme is balance – how do we fit in our training around our lives? I may not have kids (so really I have no excuse)  but I have a full time and pretty demanding job, plus I LOVE sleep, and I like spending time in the pub with my friends. I find people in my job can be absolutely shocked when I tell them I do around 8 – 12 hours of training a week, as they often feel that they don’t have time to even get to the gym once a week.

I read a great blog post when I was first starting out which said that “I don’t have time” is an excuse, not a reason for not training. The real reason you’re saying is “I don’t want to spend my time training over [sleeping in / eating lunch with friends / watching TV and relaxing in the evenings / insert other hobby here]”. And that is not a bad thing – there’s no such thing as the work/life or training/life balance – there is just life and you have to do what you want with it. (Obviously, that doesn’t always hold true. There was one day at work when I worked from 9am until 5am in the morning, after a 3am finish the previous night. I didn’t really have time for a workout that day!)


So how do I get that balance? At the moment it’s lots of short workouts in the week – I know I will need to start getting up earlier to get some longer ones in. I do prioritise trying to finish work in order to get home and have dinner with James so I don’t tend to do any evening workouts other more lasangathan cycling home (too hungry by the time I finish work at 7pm!) I get up at 7am which allows me to cycle to work, and then fit in a swim / gym work out / run before work. I use my lunch breaks and almost always do a 40 min session at lunch time – whether that is weights or intervals. Lots of lunches eaten at my desk! And then I get up early one day at the weekend to get my workout in early, and allow myself a sleep in (usually after several glasses of wine in the pub!) the other morning.

training schedule


I also have a super-colour-coordinated training chart. I don’t have to do the sessions on the particular day, I tick them off as I do them. I can miss a session if I want and I can add sessions in if I want. It’s flexible but having it on the chart reminds me of all I have to do.

But that’s not trying to make me seem as if I have the perfect balance – I miss workouts all the time due to being too lazy to get out of bed in the morning or seeing a friend I haven’t spoken to in a while in the canteen at lunch.

The key to balance, for me, is just to do what I want to do. Triathlon is a hobby, i.e. it should be fun, I chose my job because I wanted to be a lawyer, I might not like putting my mess away but I love having a tidy flat! I genuinely do not want to go out and get really drunk every Saturday night as I much prefer a long sweaty cycle ride to dancing in a club, drenched in everyone else’s sweat! The afternoons at work go much quicker when I’ve been fully out of breath over lunch time. I feel much better for getting up early for a workout rather than sleep-walking to my desk an hour later. When I stop loving it, I will stop doing it. Balance is about doing the things you love.


p.s. Juneathon day 10: (only one day missed so far!) sweaty and sunny 40 min cycle into work, 30 mins and 1000m in the pool including 4 x 100m sprints (now down to about 1.57 per 100m), 45 min upper body work-out in the gym …… and then I will have a 35 min cycle home this evening! See what I mean about short workouts?!



  1. Great post! I love the part about there not being a balance, that it’s all just life, so true. There’s lots of evenings I’d rather sit and watch tv and unwind, but training is also fun, so you do pick and choose, and that is life. Love this!

    • haha obviously a theme going on…. we do this for fun but sometimes forget about that in the guilt of “oh I missed a workout because I was doing something else I enjoy!” Plus the world won’t end if we don’t get a PB, as long as we had fun along the way 😀

  2. Love your perspective on balance. It can be a hard thing to strike when it comes to triathlons. Keeping your perspective on it being a hobby and not your LIFE is important. All we can do is the best we can do every day. I’ve found more balance by getting my workouts in early in the morning before the day begins. I have more time for all the important things throughout the day and evening and also feel better about everything when it gets done early. xo

    • Thank you 🙂 I’m with you on the early morning workouts. Although I’m not a fan of getting up early, it’s really nice to come home in the evening and be able to relax without having to think about fitting in a workout.

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