What I Ate Wednesday #7

So I haven’t done one of these for a while, as my meals were getting pretty monotous…. porridge, lasanga/chicken pie, chocolate cookie, lasanga/chicken pie (not that they’re much better now!) But yesterday saw two great and easy meals so I thought I’d share them with you and link up with Peas and Crayons to do so.

Firstly… Juneathon Day 11 – 40 min cycle into work, 35min 5.5k run at lunch time getting lost in Mudchute Park, and there will be a 35min-ish cycle home this evening.

mudchute park

I loved yesterday – after taper week, recovery week, and then Mont Ventoux week, this week is my first back into triathlon training in a while and yesterday was a full-on day with 2 hours, 30 mins of training, a full day of work and then some pretty full-on gardening (i.e. chopping down most of a tree!) So here’s how I fueled myself….


Breakfast: Half a cereal bar before I left the house as I was starving when I woke up. Then, after the cycle to work and a 30min, 1000m swim session, I had a big bowl of porridge (made with semi skimmed milk) and dried bananas. No change there then 🙂

Snack: I LOVED my mid-morning snack – healthy, delicious, and it gave me just the energy I needed for my lunch time work-out. A few large spoonfuls of Greek fat-free yoghurt topped with several juicy strawberries.

strawberry snack

Lunch: After a gruelling 45min upper body session with a trainer (my arms and sides have never been in so much pain as they are in today!) I was a bit sad that my lunch was a salad…. however, I’d forgotten that it was an AWESOME salad and actually it really filled me up! This was really quick and easy….

chicken pie

Our dinner the night before had included mini roast potatoes so I roasted a few too many (almost double the amount!) I also put one skin-on chicken leg on the tray, with lots of salt rubbed into its skin to make it go all crispy. (Chicken legs from the butchers are stupidly cheap for good quality meat). This just cooked while our dinner cooked, and then after we’d eaten I chopped up the chicken leg along with lots of tomatoes, cucumber, olives, and goat’s cheese. Mixed it all in together with the potatoes and lots of spinach – and voila! A delicious and filling salad. I didn’t even miss the avocado and red peppers that I normally love in my salads…

Dinner: This actually saw me right the way through to dinner with no afternoon snacks needed – just an afternoon mango smoothie from Pret. It’s a drink, not a snack okay! Dinner was risotto. Risotto is a fantastic easy mid-week dinner – it takes about 30 – 35 mins from the start and it’s a risottogreat way to use up veg. It’s also lovely when the weather’s nice as you have to open a bottle of white / rose to cook with so you might as well have a glass! I posted a general recipe for risotto here, to make the one we had last night I sauteed an onion, together with a large leek, the tips of the asparagus spears, and lots of mushrooms chopped up very small. I then poured the risotto rice in and cooked it like normal (we use chicken stock but this dish can be veggie very easily with vegetarian stock). Nearing the end, I added in mushrooms in slightly larger chunks, and then a few minutes later, some more asparagus. Finally, I stirred in lots of mint, parmesan cheese, and butter (I used to not stir in butter but it really makes it oh so good!) Served with a glass of Mont Ventoux rose 😀 And then a few more glasses before bed…. well it had been a hard day! 🙂

cooking risotto


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