Juneathon Day 16

Well over half way and so far I have only missed one day of working out and two days of blogging. Not bad!

Today has not gone so well so this will be a short, boring blog.. sorry. Somehow I just CANNOT seem to get out of bed on a Monday morning. Nothing helps – laying my running kit out the night before, planning a new route, turning the light on as soon as my alarm goes off.

I spent Monday mornings at a Spanish lesson and am travelling back to my office over my lunch break. This means I can’t cycle into work, I can’t work out during lunch time, and often I have to work later as I don’t get into the office until after 2pm. BUT I don’t have to leave home until 8.45am … plenty of time for a run you’d think!

But as soon as my alarm goes off, all I hear is a little voice in my head saying “you don’t need to do this workout now, you would be better of doing it on Wednesday” and that little half asleep voice is very good at finding reasons why doing the workout on Monday morning is actually a bad idea!

So this morning was yet another failed workout. This evening, and the only exercise for Juneathon today will be Day 11 of the Kinetic Revolution 30 day challenge (yes I’m a little bit behind!).

Required for today is:

– 3 x 15 lunges on each leg
– 3 x 15 hip thruster reps
– 3 x 15 reps of ‘Straight leg deadlift’
– 2 x 30 mountain climbers. I hate mountain climbers ūüė¶

For more info about all the exercises, videos on how to do them, and so you can sign up yourself …. click here! The 30 day challenge is completely free, aimed to make me a better runner, and I get an email in my inbox every day with the exercises.¬†They’re pretty good and involve almost no equipment which means I can do them in my living room with the football on in the background!


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