Weekly Round-up!

Great week this week, back on track into a new training period!

First… Juneathon catch-up….. Juneathon Day 27: 50 min lower body workout. Juneathon Day 28: 1 hour open water swimming, Juneathon Day 29: 3 hours cycle, Juneathon Day 30: REST DAY! (with 15 mins of yoga in the morning – I was seriously stiff!)

Now for last week’s round-up

1. Almost 10 hours of training: 2 strength sessions, 1 long run, 1 long bike ride, 1 threshold run, 1 threshold bike ride, 1 pool swim, 1 open water swim. A bit less cycle commuting than usual but more quality sessions.

triathlon kitty

2. Beautiful Sunday cycle ride on a new route which took us out into the country via Crystal Palace & Elmers End in less than 40 minutes! London really is as big or small as you want to make it.

sunday cycle

3. Not to sound too smug or anything but on Saturday, by 12pm I had done an hour’s open water swim session (in glorious sunshine before it clouded over and rained all day), got the weekly shop from several local stores, tidied the whole flat and prepared lunch. So in the afternoon James and I headed out to John Lewis on Oxford Street to check out some sound systems. On the way we got slightly caught up in the Pride parade which was absolutely fantastic – smiling faces and bright outfits despite the grey skies and rain.


4. And then finally, a lovely dinner on Saturday night at Artusi in Peckham which I will blog about in a bit…..



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