And Juneathon comes to an end….

And a good Juneathon it was as well ūüôā I discovered lots of new blogs and was really good with my training – in fact I think I only missed one day of exercise all month! I was less good with blogging every day…. oh well ūüėÄ

So in June I….

cycled 19 times and a total of 310km (192 miles)
Ran 7 times with a total distance of 44.7km(27.7miles). My longest run was 10.59km (6.6 miles) and my fastest was 5.33/km

A small set-back from last month, but as the beginning of June involved recovering from the triathlon and preparing for the assault on Mont Ventoux I don’t mind too much! I’ve also been building in strength sessions in the last few weeks as I begin to enter the training cycle for my first Olympic distance in September…… arrrrggghhhhh!

photo 3

I did very well on the food front with some fantastic french meals in Provence thanks to my gran, some good Austrian food in Kitzbuhel, a few burgers here and lots and lots of home cooked meals as per usual. Less pasta bakes and lasangas and more chicken shawarmas in wraps and lamb shawarmas in salads. I can’t spell or say that word (I pronounce it sharawarama) but I do¬†love lebanese cooking!

strawberry tart

On the blog there was:

– race recaps of the pros and the age-groupers at the Triathlon Europeans in Kitzbuhel
five reasons why I do triathlon
– the books that have most made an impact on me #thisbook
–¬†and of course a detailed account of what it’s like to cycle up Mont Ventoux!


And so into July…….

I’m really excited about July for the following reasons….

A¬†holiday with James and four of our closest friends to Granada in Spain. This means …. beers and free tapas, late nights dancing and chatting, exploring the incredible Alhambra and the history of the Moors, morning runs on unfamilar roads.


Getting on with my training – building a solid block from weights and cycling, leading into more interval work as we get into August

Enjoying an English summer … hopefully the best of it isn’t passed! With evenings spent in beer gardens, mornings in my bikini in my heat trap of a patio, glorious afternoon cycles with the sun on my skin and the breeze on my face.



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