Weekly round-up

Well it was a week of mental ups and downs, of sunny days and torrential downpours.

First – the numbers (this is what keeps me accountable!). 9 hours 40 mins of “exercise”. But sadly I worked out that only equals six and a half hours of “training” – i.e. not counting cycle commuting! So what did that training consist of?

1 long run. 12.5k after work on a hot, humid and ridiculously windy day. And all the wind was in my face the whole way home. I really struggle running home after work and it completely tires me out. I’ve run that distance before at a weekend and felt absolutely fine the next day, but the day after my ‘long’ run this week I was exhausted and it messed up my training. I got on the gym bike at lunch for a threshold bike session and halfway into my first set of 5 mins I decided it wasn’t going to work and got off the bike. Either I have to keep at the runs home until it gets easier, or just do them at the weekend instead!

run home

1 long cycle. About 60k (37 miles) with the Dulwich Paragon cycle club. Okay not that long a cycle. We were pretty slow as we were a ‘steady’ group but I was really pleased not to be the slowest in the group! I had absolutely no problem keeping up with the leaders other than up a few hills… and down a few hills. Especially after I flew off my bike into a hedge full of nettles and brambles down one particularly steep, narrow, wet hill when a car came in the other direction. A bit of a shock as it was by far the fastest fall I’ve ever had but the hedge broke my fall so I was left with lots of scratches and nettle stings rather than anything more nasty. It was TORRENTIAL rain when we set off but the sun did peak its head out again. It was really good fun and I think I’m going to join the club so more posts will come about that once I know a bit more about it.

1 long swim. 1500m!!! For the first time ever!! Really pleased with myself. And it was in a wetsuit in open water in the Serptentine lido. Yes I was slow – roughly 36 minutes BUT (there’s always a but) despite being open water, you still have to swim 100m lengths in the lido so that would have slowed me down a little bit (lots of practice at open water turns) AND it was the very first time I’d ever swam that distance so I’m pleased. Now I have 2 months to shave 6 minutes off that time….. hmmmmm!!!!!!


ALSO: 1 pool swim with drills and 100m springs (2 secs off as I’m down to 1min 43) and 1 lower body strength session. Upped almost all my weights as well so I’m happy. Still ridiculously weak (I’m squatting 12kilos) but it was only a few months ago that my knee was agony in a body-weight-only squat so I’m getting stronger and stronger all the time 🙂

I had lots more sessions planned (threshold cycle, threshold run, upper body strength, one more pool session) but the sun and my exhaustion at the end of the week got the better of me! I was a bit annoyed at myself but picked myself back up at the weekend. Two months to go – I now need to stick to my planned easy weeks and do better the rest of the time!

Eating: takeaway pizza at the weekend, M&S slow-cooked beef brisket on Saturday night, fantastic bavette steak by chef James with broccoli, mushrooms and roast potatoes on Sunday night.

Reading: French Revolutions: Cycling the Tour de France (review to come!)

Watching and obsessing over: ALL of the Tour de France.

tour de france


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