Friday Five: Fitness Snapshots

This one will be short on the words and heavy on the pictures – a Friday link up with Mar, Cynthia and Courtney for five pics from our workouts this week.

sunday cycleSaturday’s club ride with the Dulwich Paragon cycle club – 50-odd km of hills, winding roads, torrential rain and bright sunshine.

serptentineSunday’s 1500m open-water swim in the Serpentine Lido at Hyde Park, accompanied by hardcore men in swimming trunks, wetsuited triathletes, bemused tourists in pedaloes looking on from outside and lots and lots of geese.

tour de france2Monday’s afternoon watching the Tour de France speed by in the click of a camera shutter, after my own cycle spin session that morning.

gym workout

A pretty sweaty upper body strength session in the gym at lunch time. I’m so colour coordinated, I’m even using a blue exercise ball ūüėÄ

cycle homeA stunning sunset making up for the fact that I really DID NOT want to cycle home.



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