Eating the things I’ve grown

Last night was the first night this year I managed to make a meal with products from my own garden! Very exciting and it tasted fantastic. It’s also a simple and easy weekday meal (and vegetarian!) even if you have to buy all the ingredients. And as it’s Wednesday today I thought what better than a WIAW post as it’s been a while since my last….


So yesterday began with first breakfast – half a banana before I got on my bike and cycled the 40mins to work. Then followed a 45 min swim session before main breakfast – the standard bowl of porridge with dried bananas and a little bit of honey. I am most certainly a creature of habit. Before lunch came a session on the gym bike that left me sweating buckets and starving – good thing I had a wonderful chicken pie in my bag (made by James) that just needed to be heated up. My afternoon snack was a small bowl of greek yoghurt and blueberries – yum! And then it was home for dinner – the main event!

Dinner = courgette, tomato and rosemary risotto.


I began frying an onion and then added in a few of my home-grown tomatoes, stirring until the onion was soft and the tomatoes pulpy. Then I added in the risotto rice and began cooking the risotto as you would normally (as I described in this blog post).

About half way through the risotto cooking, I popped outside and pulled off three yellow courgettes from my wonderful courgette plant. This was the source of much stress as for months it grew bigger and bigger, produced tiny yellow courgettes and beautiful yellow flowers … all of which eventually withered and died as no ‘male’ courgette flowers had grown to pollinate them. I was worrying that my plant just would not grow male flowers and so we wouldn’t get any courgettes. Then towards the end of last week I spotted one!!! Cue much excitement and within a week we had a few eatable courgettes and many more growing.

courgette plant

I chopped up the courgettes and added them into the risotto along with lots of rosemary from the garden. Stirred until the risotto was cooked, grated in LOTS of parmesan (I went a bit overboard) and topped it with a few fresh tomatoes just plucked off the plant.

Okay this blog is slightly showing off… especially as my friend Charlotte (Hi Charlotte!) and I went to the garden centre together and her plants are apparently so much better than mine… well I am very proud of my home-grown dinner!

photo 1 (3)


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