Weekly Review

I’m keeping it short and sweet because last week I didn’t even keep a total of how many hours I trained. I reckon I dropped from over 10 hours to down around 2, maybe even less. The week started strongly with a great Cycle Beat spin class and then a swim session. BUT my hip was getting more and more painful – I think I pulled it somehow on my “long” run last Saturday and by Tuesday evening I could barely walk and was limping everywhere. It is definitely my hip flexor that is hurting – but knowing what the problem is hasn’t helped me know what to do to make it better!

So I took things very slowly with none of my tempo / interval workouts that I had planned for Tuesday / Wednesday. Wednesday evening I was off on holiday! So this week was intended to be a recovery week anyway. I had intended to do a long run in Granada on my holiday, but the hip pain put paid to that and I made this a full recovery week… less exercise than I have done all year! Also more drinking than I have done all year and more late nights…..

A full post on Granada will come because it’s a fantastic city, one I’ve been to several times already and one I absolutely love to pieces. In the meantime I will leave you with a picture of our last night….



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