And into August

I am absolutely loving the summer this year. My friend raised a scary thought with me the other day – “we only have four summers left of our twenties. How do we want to spend them?” Obviously it’s only a thing if you assume that we turn 30 and everything changes with immediately starting to get married and having babies etc etc… but I can definitely see that happening around then!

drunken nightsMuch less of these drunken nights will be happening….

So on the assumption that we only have four summers left to be young and carefree, I’m pretty happy with my summer this year and July was a fantastic month 🙂

So in July I….

Cycled 387km (240.4 miles) – up 70k on last month despite a week where I barely did any so I’m happy with that! I also went to two spin classes and did 2 threshold sessions on the gym bike.

Ran 9 times – 2 threshold runs on the treadmill (I don’t follow the mileage for these) and a run training session on the track. My outdoor mileage was 38.83km (24 miles). My longest run was 12.2km and my fastest run was 4.48 min/km. So I ran faster and longer than last month… but also less. But then again.. also more if you include the treadmill runs which I will start doing from now on!

Swam 10.2k of pool lengths and made it to 3 outdoor swim sessions… more swim sessions this month than I’d done EVER before my last tri in May!

I also managed four strength sessions. It makes the month seem really short when I put it like that as my aim had been 2 strength sessions a week! It seems like I hit that once(!) in the whole of July!

On the blog there were….

– cycling book reviews – Put me Back on my Bike and French Revolutions (and more still to come!)
– a CSS swim training session
– a review of Artusi restaurant in Peckham
– a description of cycling and running in the beautiful South Downs
– as well as lots and lots of round-ups as to what my training looks like at the moment!

And so into August.

Right now I am:

Reading: The Girl who Saved the King of Sweden by Jonas Jonasson. It’s by the same person who wrote the 100 Year Old Man who Climbed out the Window and Ran Away and is a similar style – lighthearted, clever, funny, and full of elaborately explained coincidences.books

Craving: home-cooked food. After a few weekends away we haven’t had a chance to do our weekends of cooking and so this week I’ve been buying ALL my lunches and eating ready-made ravioli and sauce for dinner. It’s good but I’m craving chicken shawarma, chicken pie, salads, spinach, bright red tomatoes……

photo 4

Needing: a new bookshelf for my flat (yep, a purchase that isn’t sport-related!). Ours are literally overflowing and we already have boxes of books in the cellar. Reading all of the books is awesome but you need somewhere to put them! I am now fussy about which books I will buy on kindle and which I need a “real” copy of.

excited about:
– a holiday with James to Scotland for lots and lots of cycling. We will be cycling all over Northumberland as we visit his parents on the way up, then all around Perthshire (Aberfeldy way) as we stay with my grandparents, and then all around the Isle of Mull for a few days. I can’t wait!


– having a quieter month with more weekends at home to get everything in order, eat and cook ridiculous amounts of food, go on leisurely bike rides out to the North Downs and get those Saturday morning open water swims in!

open water swimming

MAXING my training for the Olympic distance tri in September. I have one month left, I need to make the most of it. No excuses, no lazy lie-ins (unless the workouts are recovered elsewhere) and NO EXCUSES! (a second time),

Let’s hope August goes by nice and slowly……

photo (9)



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