Weekly round-up – injuries and mornings in bed

After the highlights of last week, this week was another wash-out on the exercise front. A combination of hip pain so bad it was waking me up at night, James’ birthday, and a night spent catching up with old friends that went on for longer than I’d planned meant workouts got missed and whole extra days of rest had to be taken.

So in the end I managed 8 hours of training including 2 days of cycle commuting, 1 long cycle, 1 swim, 1 spin session, 1 yoga class and 1 attempt at a threshold run that left my hip in agony and my motivation gone!

Now time for a little weekend update
Saturday began in the best of lazy fashions, reading the news in bed and then tidying the flat before off to meet an old school friend in Brixton for lunch. Then in the afternoon James and I set off for a 60k cycle through Crystal Palace and out of London towards Biggin Hill. The names of the roads on this route really made me smile – Skid Hill Road (which leads to a steep downhill that I did skid on last time, ending up off my bike in a bramble branch), Downe (nestled amongst some steep downhills and uphills), and Jackass Lane (a steep, narrow road that twists and turns with a sense of humour). I tucked in behind James for most of the way to make this an easy spin and rest my hip and had a great time!


Saturday night was time for another Dalila takeaway and to watch The Armstrong Lie.

Sunday was another lazy morning, in bed as torrential rain fell outside, reading the news and following my mums progress at Liverpool Tri. The live feed of the finish line seemed like the saddest thing in the world, lone athletes crossing the line, exhausted, and an official in a raincoat scurrying out to quickly usher them away into the dry (and away from the camera). Then the camera decided to go down with technical difficulties literally the minute before mum crossed the finish line!! I was so annoyed that I didn’t get to see her finish, but she did fantastically, taking almost 4 minutes off her best 10k time. She said she really enjoyed it and put that down to taking SIX minutes in T1 to put on an extra jersey, arm warmers and jacket (two of the women in her age group behind her got hypothermia and one woman on the course was so bad she had to be taken to hospital – good decision mum!) and then not pushing it so hard on the bike, especially once she saw a man have a horrible crash. No injuries, a time to be proud of, and she had a great time – the perfect race!

Once she’d finished it was about time to get out of bed and the afternoon was spent doing the weekly shop, cooking, and a trip to Brixton Rec swimming pool. I swam 2k – the furthest I’ve ever swam! And I didn’t feel like I was exhausted and wanted to stop at the end, I was just desperate for the toilet so had to get out! It is amazing in swimming how much you can improve. One length used to leave me feeling exhausted, now I can do a 500m cool down in front crawl!

Finally the weekend ended in a pub, making friends with a cat who was curled up on the chair next to me and drinking far too much white wine for a Sunday night :/ oh well – Monday is a rest day and then I need to try to do better exercise-wise next week!!




  1. Oh, my gosh! I can not believe what happened with your mom – the camera man – augh! It’s really great that she had such a successful race, especially in that weather. Good grief. We had awful weather here, too, on Saturday morning. Your food picture looks delicious, and I’m so happy to hear about your progress in the pool; great work! Have a fun week and I look forward to more updates; thanks so much for linking up today!

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