Burn out

Little blogging has been going on this week because I was feeling really burnt out – little blogging and little exercise. I saw the Tri-Talk Tuesdays subject was burnout and couldn’t even get up the motivation to join in…. So this is quite late! I have also been soaking up the advice on Courtney and Cynthia’s blogs amongst the other Tri-Talk bloggers.

Burn out for me took two forms: 
1) no motivation 
2) no energy

Now I don’t have to get up early to get my training in. In order to cycle to work and do an hours workout before work starts, I just have to get out of bed at 7. I know that’s not early. I think it’s ridiculous that sometimes I can’t drag myself out of bed until 8 and even that feels hard. Especially when my lights are out by 10.30 every night. At least 9 hours sleep on a weeknight?! But recently when my alarm goes off at 7 I have been fast asleep and my eyes have been so heavy….. No getting up has been happening and I have just fallen straight back asleep.

Add the no motivation to the exhaustion. Normally when I miss a few mornings at the beginning of the week, by Wednesday I am raring to go, really missing it. Not so the last few weeks. I just cannot be bothered. I am fed up. I don’t care about triathlon, I can’t wait for it to be over so I can not swimbikerun quite so much and quite so rigidly. This isn’t helped by a hip injury that has left me scared of running. One fantastic long run followed by a short run that after five minutes has me limping and cursing and turning round to walk home. The fact I’ve barely run in the last month (4 runs so far this August!) was making me worried about the triathlon and therefore not wanting to train. Also, I did a 12 week training programme before my first tri this year in May, had two weeks off and then was straight into the next 12 week programme for this one. It’s been a lot and perhaps my training hasnt been as great and as varied as it could have been.

So lots of doubts, no motivation, no energy and an injury. 

But I think I’m starting to come out of the slump now so I will stop moaning. For me what helped was readjusting my goals – not having a time goal for the swim and just remembering that at the beginning of the year I could barely swim 20m, let alone 1500m. Remembering that I did the same tri last year at sprint distance – the same cycle route, and that my time was 1 hour 10 (yup, for 21km! I was slow…..) and so my new aim is just to make sure my speed over the oly is less than double that. Any gains will show how far I’ve come in a year, I don’t need to be “fast”.  And then just seeing what happens to my hip on the run and hoping for a sub-1 hour 10k. I will run faster and stronger on rested, injury-free legs. I will be absolutely fine. 

And now for a weeks holiday cycling in Scotland! The last week of training before taper week will involve lots of lovely long cycles, gradually building slow, longish runs, swims when I get the chance. Perfect.


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