Weekly round up – driving and cycling

Okay well this week hasnt gone great due to my problems with burnout as I mentioned in my previous post…. And a hip injury that left me in pain when running and pissed off.

I managed 6 hours 40 mins including 3 full rest days! One attempt at running on Wednesday followed by lots of slow stretches, one day of cycle commuting, 2 gorgeous cycles in the English countryside of just under and just over 40km.

My weekend began early as I finished work on Thursday and drove down to mum’s on the south coast to drop off Oscar-cat. So the weekend began at 7am on Friday morning when mum and I set out to cycle the route of our triathlon in a few weeks time. I’ve done it once before, a year ago, and wanted to refresh my memory. It was a grey morning, slightly drizzly, but with the sun already visible behind the clouds and we quickly warmed up. We had a lovely cycle, zooming on the downhills, pushing it along some flats, cycling abreast and having a chat at other moments. By the time we were home we were starving and there was just time for poached eggs on toast before mum set off for work and I began the long drive up to Northumberland.

Not much more to say about that other than it was long and there was lots of traffic. I picked James up at Luton station so at least I had company for most of it. After 9 hours of driving we arrived at James’ parents house. I ate the lovely dinner his mum had made and promptly fell asleep on the sofa.


Saturday we awoke bright and early to a shining sun and set out for a short 40k to Hexham and back. We zoomed along, marvelling at the beautiful countryside, the rolling hills, the sun sparkling on the Tyne, the huge black clouds rolling in……. Oh. Fifteen minutes of torrential rain and I was glad of my clear glasses and rain jacket. The sun quickly came out again to dry us off just as we finished our cycle and I went for a short 10 minute brick run around the block – an incredibly hilly block including one ginormous hill that I made myself run all the way up! A few twinges from the hip but nothing too bad so I was happy.


Another lovely dinner Saturday evening with James’ family including his brother and sister-in-law – lots of wine was drunk and we finished the night discussing our plans for the zombie apocalypse. Joe is training for Kona this October so I was trying to get some tips! 

Sunday was another day mainly in the car, up to Oban on the west coast of Scotland. It was a lovely drive, the first half on an almost empty motorway, carving it’s way through the purple hills of Scotland, and then we were on a small winding road that twisted it’s way along the banks of Loch Lomond and numerous other small lochs and villages. Oban is a very pretty town but we didn’t see much of it as we were straight on the ferry over to the Isle of Mull – a gorgeous journey in the bright sunshine amongst the rugged hills, peninsulas and islands of Western Scotland.


Once settled into the hotel I went for a 30 min run along the footpaths by the sea – didn’t get quite as far as I wanted to due to clambering up and down rocks and feet sinking into the mossy ground… And taking selfies and marvelling at how beautiful the views were. Most incredible place for a run and no hip pain! Yay!





  1. This sounds like a wonderful weekend, Alice! So happy to hear that you and your mom were able to have a nice ride along your triathlon route, and thanks for sharing such lovely pictures! I really enjoy your posts; thank you so much for linking up again this week!

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