Weekly review – so little exercise

Hmmmm. This week saw 9 hours 15 exercise managed consisting of….. 2 cycles (and a short strength workout).
It’s not the best preparation for a triathlon next week (argggghhhhh!) that’s ever been done BUT it’s been a fantastically (yep that’s a word) fun week. I just hope the months of training leading up to August have given me a solid enough grounding.

Monday – 83 miles cycled around the Isle of Mull


Tuesday – planned: rest day.
Executed: rest day with some walking around Iona and over four hours of driving. Personally I think that should be considered exercise because it’s ridiculously tiring!


Wednesday – 55.7km cycled around Loch Rannoch and Schiehallion. Four hour drive from Aberfeldy to Northumberland


Thursday – planned: a swim or a short run.
Executed: a six hour drive, a nap and a wonderful burger before packing for Romania. See above for driving being considered exercise.

Friday – flight to Bucharest and exploring Bucharest

Saturday – planned: short run to explore some of Bucharest’s parks.
Executed – a lie-in with a hangover but at least three hours of dancing at a Romanian wedding which is DEFINITELY exercise (probably undone by all the red wine though).


Sunday – planned: some yoga, a strength work out, a run? All depending on hangover and timing.
Executed – 5 minutes stretching out tight glutes and hamstrings, 15 minutes of a simple and quick strength workout for when you have no time and no equipment.

1. 10 one legged squats on each leg.
2. 10 back lunges (where you step back and lunge on each leg)
3. 15 leg raises on each leg (where you lie on one side with your pelvis neutral, both legs on top of each other slightly off the floor, and raise your top leg up and down. It’s important to do it slowly and controlled).
4. 30 second plank.

Repeat times 3. Or 4. Or 5 – depending on the time. Repeating x 3 took me to 14 minutes 40 sec so I held onto that last plank for an extra 20 seconds to round it up to 15 minutes.


A short week of exercise and a short post as I ALSO need to write an end of August post… So many blogs. I’ve been putting the end of August blog off to be honest as it will mean I have to add up and fully realise the lack of training I’ve done this month. Oh well :/


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