And summer is practically over

August flew by, with a holiday, long hours in the office and a severe drop-off in motivation. Training from FEBRUARY seemed to have finally taken its toll, and just a few weeks out from my triathlon I just could not motivate myself.

So in August I….

Cycled 814.8km (506 miles) – well over double last month although obviously including three long cycles in one week on my cycling holiday. There were a few threshold sessions and one spin class as well.


Ran 5 times – 2 long runs, 1 brick run, 1 painful run cut short, and 1 short beautiful run with more sightseeing than running. My outdoor mileage was 31.8km (19.7 miles). My longest run was 11.7km and my fastest run was 5.50 min/km. A lot less than last month in runs, distance and speed ….. blaming the sore hip for that then!


Swam 5320m of pool lengths … about half of last month…. 3 pool swims and one open water swim. Although, thank god, I did a long pool swim on 1st September and I don’t seem to have forgotten yet how to swim! All the good work in July has obviously paid off despite a lack of swimming in August.

I also managed six short strength and running exercise sessions, and three yoga sessions.

On the blog there were….

– restaurant reviews – Cannon & Cannon in Brixton and the wonderful lebanese Dalila in Battersea
– a selection of gym / pool workouts , some tips for cycling in the rain and a description of open water swimming in London
– a recipe for lebanese meatball wraps
– cyles around the Isle of Mull, and Loch Rannoch and Schiehallion
– a summary of a weekend in Bucharest

And so into September.

Right now I am:

Reading: lots and lots of blogs! I read so many books in August and have just finished World War Z for the second time (such a fantastic zombie book) that I currently do not have a book on the go. I’m about to start yet another book about life in the Gaza strip and recently wrote a blog for For Book’s Sake on an introduction to Palestinian literature – check it out here!

Wondering about: when I should buy some more cycling tights…. I only have one pair and soon the weather will turn and I will need a whole lot more!

Aiming for: this bloody triathlon in less than a week’s time now. I so want to get it over and done with. Goals:

B Goal: enjoy the swim, a cycle less than double my previous sprint cycle on that course (should be relatively easy as that means faster than 2 hours 20 minutes….!), a run at a similar time to my mum – less than a hour.

A Goal: 30ish minute swim, 1 hr 45 or less cycle, less than a hour run, beat my mum!!!

excited about:
– a new job for three months. I am going to work for Liberty human rights organisation and I am so happy and excited about this. I cannot WAIT to start work there.

– getting more cycling in as I get ready to cycle my first century (100 miles) in October.

– autumn cooking! Butternut squash and apple soup, mushroom and chestnut risottos, slow cooked stews…………………

Also – how fast is this year going?! Ridiculously flying by.


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