Well September ended on a bit of a downer with a horrible crappy run yesterday morning. I’d planned 12k through Battersea Park, up through Victoria to Buckingham Palace, a loop around Green Park and then a lap of St James’ Park before ending at Pret to pick up some porridge.


I knew it wasn’t going to work out like that by Battersea Park. I was just so TIRED. I don’t know what it was really – going on a longish run without breakfast? The fact I’d run the day before and my legs were tired? Wearing a rucksack? My ankles hurt and it was an effort lifting each foot off the ground. I gave myself little goals – get to that gate and you can walk, just aim for that junction before a break….


But ultimately I had to get to work on time so I lost the loop of Green Park and only managed a shortened loop of St James Park. Oh well – I’ll try again next time.


Last week I clocked up 8 and a half hours of training that involved one spin class, one almost 11k race, one 50 mile cycle, 1 long walk and lots of cycle commuting. No swims!! Ooops.

The clear blue skies and warm air means it doesn’t seem like it, but we are officially at the end of September and so it is autumn… what a wonderful long, warm, dry summer we seem to have had. I can barely remember where my jumpers and boots are kept!


So in September I…..

Cycled 313.2km … back down after the highs of August which was in the 800s! I also made it to one spin class in the dying days of September.


Ran 7 times – 1 park run, 2 short run commutes home, 1 elongated commute to work (see above), 1 short run around Canary Wharf, 1 10k race and… one triathlon! And NO treadmill running whatsoever. I managed 48km, my furthest run was 10.9km and my fastest run was 5.15/km in a park run.


Swimming took a definite back seat – I only managed four swims in the whole month! Ooops. A total of 6090m with two pool swims and one open water swim in a triathlon. Need to get my swimming back on track.

On the blog there were:

– restaurant reviews like this one of the Shrub and Shutter in Brixton
– race reviews – of a triathlon and the Teach First 10k
– a book review and some inspiring stories of women cycling around the world
– a tirade on the suffering of female asylum seekers in UK detention centres (and did you know that most countries – not the US – don’t actually detain asylum seekers due to the fact that they haven’t broken any laws?)
– some advice on mental strength in training and racing
– and a lovely weekend away in Norfolk


My best moment in September is a big toss-up between:

1) Seeing my times after my first Olympic distance tri and being unable to stop smiling – I achieved ALL of my ‘a’ goals except beating my mum… but then she had beaten all of her 2015 goals in the last race of 2014 so I didn’t really mind! Go mum 😀 OR


2) the whole of a wonderful weekend in Norfolk for James and my fifth anniversary


And so autumn proper begins.

Right now I am:

Reading: Dervla Murphy’s wonderful A Month by the Sea. This details her month spent in Gaza as a white-haired 80 year old woman, chatting to young and old, liberals and hardliners, not sparing any words in expressing her disgust at both Israel and Islamists, especially in their attitude towards women. The more I read about her, the more I’m fascinated and I’ll definitely be reading more of her books!


Excited about:

– my first 100 mile cycle around the South Downs towards the end of October. I have no time goals, I just want to get round it safely and have fun. I was monitoring my knee as we were cycling last weekend and despite a few twinges it was relatively okay … but there were a lot less hills in Norfolk than amongst the South Downs!

– hosting a dinner party with James for 8 people next week. James is doing the main course (ossobucco) and I’ve roped myself in to make homemade pasta for the pasta course (it’s Italian themed). With no pasta maker that’s going to mean a lot of rolling out dough!

– a huge family get-together for my grandparents’ 60th (SIXTIETH!!!!) anniversary

– and generally, the nights drawing in, cider and pumpkins, the smell of bonfire smoke….


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