Weekly review – dinner parties

I feel my weekly updates are so pointless now I’m doing so little. But the whole reason for it, the whole reason to start a blog, was to keep myself accountable and so it would be silly to stop just because I’m doing less in the off season. I’m not working towards a build at the moment as I’ll just bore myself if I train non-stop all this week and next. So on Friday night when I had a yoga class planned and parkrun Saturday morning and my friend texted and asked if I wanted to go to the pub….. I scrapped all the exercise and went to the pub.

I managed less than 5 hours all week including THREE runs – two short, one meant to be long but failed at the 9km mark. One swim, one weight training session. Cycling to work every day but that’s it. Enough to keep myself ticking over.

Saturday James and I hosted a dinner party. We served up five courses of Italian themed food:

1. Starter – bruschetta, homemade pâté on toasted bread, figs in honey wrapped in prosciutto and nice olive oil for dipping the bread.


2. Pasta course – homemade ravioli stuffed with a spinach, onion, Parmesan and goats cheese mixture. I rolled out pastry for HOURS.


3. Main course – ossobucco – slow-cooked veal shin on a bed of lemon & saffron risotto

4. Pudding – Italian chocolate cake


5. Cheese course!


Sunday involved a lazy lie-in, a run to Westminster and a cycle home, dinner at Honest Burger and then a trip to the cinema to see Gone Girl. I loved the book and I thought the film was fantastic as well. It was a wonderful London weekend.
And LOTS of wine and home-brewed beer.

IMG_4921(SOME of the recycling the next day…..)


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