Weekly review – a fitness blog with minimal fitness

This week marked a turning point. I am fed up of hungover Sundays where getting out of bed is agony and the thought of getting on a bike is about the worst thing ever. I have really embraced the off-season. Not that I’ve actively gone to more events than before as I was always quite good at turning up… I’ve just stayed out longer, drunk more… And so this week I did the least exercise I’ve done ALL year – just over 3 hours – basically due to missing park run from laziness and missing a 2 hour cycle ride due to an extreme hangover. Enough. This week will be VERY different however as I’m attempting to cycle my first 100 miles on Sunday!!


It was an incredibly busy week which also didn’t help, involving a trip out of London helping out the incredible US attorney Nancy Hollander – if you are interested in issues of justice and the rule of law I would suggest reading this article by her – it’s extremely passionate and well written.

Then a few days later I went with a friend to see Matthew Bourne’s Lord of the Flies. This was amazing – a ballet / contemporary dance with an all-male cast ranging in age from 10 years old to adults. The boys were wonderful dancers, filled with anger and passion and the fight scenes between Ralph and Jack were wonderful. There was so much going on on stage that I’d love to go and watch it again – the show was funny, creepy, scary and moving at different times. Sadly it’s run in London is over but you can still see it in Cardiff, Newcastle, Norwich and Bradford.

lord of the flies

I did manage to get in one run – a fantastic, beautiful 7k run although not as fast as I would have liked! From work I ran through St James’ Park, along the bottom of Green Park past Buckingham Palace, through Hyde Park, round the Serpentine and back again.


London looking like Disney Land

It was a beautiful day, if a little windy – blue skies and sun and that wind gave me a nice little push on the way home! I think my new Strava update isn’t working as well as it did before as the run wasn’t as fast as it felt, and my slowest kms were those when I was waiting at traffic lights to cross over to Hyde Park … so I think I probably ran it faster! The best thing about the run was that by the time I was showered and back at my desk, tucking into a hot lunch, the heavens opened and it was torrential rain for the rest of the afternoon. Well-timed!


This weekend was my gran and grandad’s 60th wedding anniversary… 60 years, it’s ridiculous. We had a huge family gathering with 26 of us, starting with lunch and followed by go karting at Goodwood. I’d driven down from London under torrential rain showers but the sun came out as we reached the race track and was sparkling on the puddles.


The go karting track at Goodwood is great – to the left, the main track curves round and it was a day where people can bring their own cars to the track so there were some minis going VERY fast around it! To the right was the airfield with some lovely little planes taking off and landing. The go karting was great fun and I even won a race! Even my 84 year old Grandad had a go and was faster than my mum (which wasn’t saying much…..)


We got all dressed up in the evening for a lovely dinner in which I drank far too much wine – together with most of the family – before spending Sunday morning in Goodwood’s spa. Sunday would have been better had it been less hungover but all in all it was a fantastic weekend!




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