Week in Review – 100 miles

This week I managed ten hours of training – a bit different from most high volume weeks though as it was made up of:

– 1 swim
– 1 strength workout
– 1 yoga class
– 1 100 mile cycle!!!!!!!!

I really enjoyed my swim workout although it was hard so I’ll share it below. The hundred mile cycle was fantastic and there’s a post coming soon on that so I’ll leave the details for now… except that it took us 7 and a half hours and was the hardest thing I’ve ever done although also great fun!


Fast and hard swim workout – from 220 Triathlon magazine with a few of my tweaks

1) Warm-up – however long suits you. I’m pretty sure the plan in 220 Triathlon mag recommended 600m as a warm-up but that’s a bit long and time-consuming for me so I went for a slow and easy 200m!

2) 10 x 50m fast with 15secs rest (a total of 500m)

3) 10 x 50m alternating fast and easy with 15 secs rest (another 500m)

4) 10 x 50m at 85% effort with 10 secs rest (another 500m). I don’t really know what 220 Triathlon meant by ‘fast’ as compared to ‘85%’. Is ‘fast’ faster than 85%? That’s the way I decided to take it due to the fact the final set has less rest time. BUT I only really have two swim speeds and so I aimed to go all out on all ‘fast’/85% reps.

5) cool down! I usually do 200m of front crawl and breast stroke.

It’s a great workout that had me gasping for breath, heart pounding, arms aching. I really felt I had done a proper workout… when often the lengths in the pool are more mental and technique-based than really pushing my body. With a sub-30min olympic distance swim time, it’s time to think about speed a little bit as well as technique. I actually really enjoyed this, despite how hard it was, and am looking forward to doing it again!


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