Marathon training week 2

With two weeks of marathon training under my belt, I entered Barcelona marathon. Now it’s official – I have to keep going. But the training last week went really well – running is awesome I love running. I know there’ll be bad weeks too but for now I’m happy to commit to this.

Run 1: the tempo run, on a sunny morning into work. It was meant to be six miles, 2 slow, 2 tempo, 2 slow, but as the boiler man had been round I was a bit late leaving home and had to cut the last mile short to make it to work on time! My garmin gave up on me meaning the tempo miles had to be entirely by feel (checking my phone to see the distance) – I’ve never tried to run to a specific pace before (except on a treadmill!) so I had no idea how that would play out. Turned out well. I was aiming for 9.16 a mile and ended up with 9.01 and 8.41 so I was happy.


Run 2: treadmill intervals while watching David Attenborough. Not much to say about them – they were fine. 1 min fast, 2 mins slow. Next week I have to hold my “fast” pace for 3 minutes……

Run 3: the long run – 9 miles.
This was the only one that was mentally slightly difficult to get done – I’m always busy with a million and one things to do on a Saturday and I value my weekend lie-ins so getting up early to get it done first thing wasn’t for me. I went out for brunch with some friends and then spent almost an hour once I got home faffing around in trying to get ready. I also couldn’t help comparing it to my last long run in Spain the week before – running through South London on a grey, rainy November day is incomparable.


But it never rained heavily and the drizzle stopped me getting too hot. And there is beauty even in south London it turns out!


I had to run at 6:27 per km and I kept all almost 15 of my kilometres under that except one – I was running an out and back and at the turnaround I took a walk break for a minute which made that km slower. I felt strong, I felt happy, I felt as if I could keep running. Which is good seeing as I have to run a mile further this week and then almost 3 times as much for the actual marathon!

My cross-training involved one long sprint swim session that left me starving and exhausted, and 2 strength sessions. Cycling is really taking a back seat at the moment :/


It was a wonderful “London” weekend, brunch with one set of friends on Saturday morning, an incredible dinner at a friend’s house on Saturday evening (including scallops, homemade macarons and homemade profiteroles),


brunch AGAIN on Sunday morning and getting my nails done with a friend.


This is now my last week working at Liberty doing human rights law before I return to my commercial law firm so I am going to make the most of it!


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