2014 in stats

This is a post more for me to look back on than for anyone reading – I don’t know about you but I don’t always find other bloggers posting about their data that interesting! I will try to keep the figures short and sweet ūüôā There’ll also be another “end-of-year” post coming to fit in with the “reading” part of this blog.

put me back on my bike

This year I “trained” for 22,132 minutes, or 368 hours 52 minutes – 15 full days or an average of an hour a day, every day throughout the year (or seven hours a week, every week). Not too bad considering my figures only start from half way through February so actually, for the 46 weeks I kept track, I trained on average 8 hours every week.

photo (9)

I peaked at 12 and a half hours a week, which I managed twice. First in July, in the peak of my triathlon training and second, in November on a wonderfully active holiday with my mum in Andalucia. Thirteen weeks saw 10 hours of training or more. My lowest week (1 and a half hours) was immediately before my highest – in the middle of July when on holiday with friends in Granada and nursing a hip injury that provided the perfect excuse to do nothing except get drunk on sangria and laze around eating tapas. My next lowest was 3 hours in October – no reason other than laziness for this one!!! There were only seven weeks with less than 5 hours of training.

drunken nights

Since I began keeping count of my running I have run a total of 564.23km or 350.5miles with the highest weeks in distance obviously being November and December once I began marathon training. My longest run was my 14mile run this Sunday to finish off the year on a high note.


I have cycled this year 3,290km or 2,044miles in 227 rides. My longest ride was the 100 miles I did with my family in October and my highest distance week was a wonderful week cycling in Northumberland and Scotland with James.


Swimming…. Well I swam 51 times in the 46 weeks I was keeping track. Aim for next year is to be more consistent with my swimming! And also to keep track of it in more detail, to keep track of my sets and times and distances.

photo 4 (2)

So that’s it! I really enjoyed looking back over my training logs for the year to work out these figures, so many memories of falling in love with triathlon, open water swims, fantastic bike rides, beautiful runs. Ups and downs, runner’s highs and painful hips, euphoria in crossing finish lines, reaching the top of Mont Ventoux, painfully dismounting after 100 miles, watching my garmin click from 13.99 to 14 miles on my longest run of the year. While not much has changed basically since this time last year – I have the same job, live in the same flat, have the same boyfriend and the same little kitty who wakes me up at the same time every morning – but something huge has changed in me, in my ambitions and in my hobbies. I’m so excited for 2015 and can’t wait to be at this point next year, looking back to see what’s changed.


Happy New Year!



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