Triathlon Goals for 2015

I’m obviously running late this year, being on holiday until 6th of January put me off slightly. I have also decided to take part in Janathon where I’ll be blogging and exercising every day ūüôā

But as its Wednesday I thought I’d join in with Tri-Talk Tuesdays with Cynthia (You Signed up for What?). Courtney (the TriGirl Chronicles) and Phaedra (Blisters and Black Toenails). If you click on any of those links you’ll find some great blogs about triathlon with lots of really useful tips. Although mainly US based – I’m still on the search for more UK/London triathlon bloggers?! This month’s theme is¬†triathlon goals for 2015 so here goes.

tritalk tuesdays

I am careful with my goals for the year. I don’t see the point in setting numerous goals in January that you are never going to keep, or that are completely out of your control. For example, I have a big, very important job interview coming up this summer. There’s no point having a goal to get that job because it’s completely out of my control – all I can do is try my best which I will do whether or not it’s a “goal”. With that in mind, finishing my first marathon isn’t a goal. I know I will try my best to finish because I’m ridiculously stubborn and hate to give up on things but maybe I’ll have flu or break my leg or….

This is a theme throughout most of my life and this is the most cringey I’ll get in this post I promise – the outcome isn’t important, what matters is what you do to get there (there is a lot of motivation-speak out there on the blogs around New Years!).

So with that in mind….

1) swim twice a week, every week. This is going to be a hard one I know! And it’s an average, so if I miss a week (due to the aforementioned flu or broken leg) I’ll just have to swim more later on in the year! (Btw it starts¬†this week due to being on holiday and it being impossible to get to a pool last week!)


2) find a lake for open water swimming in Madrid. I’m going to be living in Madrid over the summer and I will really miss my RG Active openwater swim sessions which were SO important in improving my swimming last year. So I need to get motivated to find something similar in Madrid for this year.

ham lake

3) explore Spain by bike I know I am not very good at going out by myself on my bike. I want to make sure I go for a longish ride at weekends not every week but more often than not. I know that time on the bike is one of the things that will really help improve my cycling. The other is…

4) do some structured bike workouts I don’t think I did enough of these last year and now I have a proper bike computer showing me heart rate, cadence, speed etc so there is no excuse for doing more of these.


5) keep training for my marathon get those long runs in, push myself through the faster ones, just keep on going one foot forward at a time until 26.2.


Some runspiration!

6) don’t stop running post marathon. I need to remember why I did this! To help myself get to a point where I could love running, where 10k was an easy distance that I could really focus on pushing myself for speed over rather than just getting to 10k


7) Pick fun triathlons and enjoy every one – what’s the point if it’s not fun?


8) Don’t stress too much. In life even more than in triathlon. Tri rarely stresses me, it’s a hobby and something I do for fun so I am usually quite able to let go of all / any stresses. But even though I am a ridiculously positive person I do get stressed when things are happening in life that I can’t control, that I can’t plan for, when I don’t know what will happen. This job interview in the summer is a huge example of that. I need to relax and remember that everything always works out for the best.

And with that in mind, I am off to the pool tomorrow for my first swim of 2015!



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