Janathon – f*cking rain

This is a post purely for Janathon. I have a proper one coming abut Anglesey but am too tired to write it ūüôā

Today began my first effort at swimming twice a week every week in 2015. I began with a warm up and then a CSS test (400m sprint followed by 200m sprint). SO much slower than the last time I did this test in July! There’s a lot of swimming fitness to gain….

Before my swim I had cycled for 45 mins through torrential rain, the kind where raindrops are bouncing off the ground and there is a layer of water on top off the road (and it was still dark). I usually always say (very annoyingly I’m sure) “no such thing as bad weather, just bad clothes!” And also that the cycle clothes I have are good clothes. However it turns out they cannot resist almost an hour in torrential rain. I was enjoying myself for the first 30-40 minutes then my clothes gave up on me and I got progressively wetter and colder. On the bright side there was no worry about jumping into cold water in the pool!

I spent the rest of the day sitting on alternate various items of clothing in an attempt to dry them out before home time – and it worked!

At lunch I had a toss-up between a run and a strength work-out. It was still pouring with rain so off to the gym I went for my strength workout, there was no way I was getting wet again. As luck would have it, an hour later the sun was out and it was a glorious afternoon… To be spent at my desk working hard.

Finished work at 9pm and had a dark but dry cycle home and to bed!


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