Marathon Training Week 9 – cut-back week

This week was a cut-back week – a good thing as I only managed to get in two runs due to various uncontrollable things going on.

No pictures this week for which I apologise!

Run 1 – the interval run

I had Monday off work to drive back to London from my mum’s once I’d picked up our cat. The plan was to get back to London for midday and do some hill repeats in Brockwell Park during the afternoon. Firstly, I was sick Sunday night which meant not very much sleep and still not feeling ideal in the morning. Then my car broke down after we left. So car to garage and we went back to mum’s to wait until it was ready. Thought perhaps I’d do the run there but I still felt sick so just went to sleep for most of the afternoon.

I then considered hill repeats one morning before work, forgetting that it was still too dark in the mornings for that and I don’t want to run in the park before it gets light! So that didn’t happen either.

Run 2 – the tempo run

One of the training plans I’ve been using has this down as a tempo run at just slower than 10k pace. The other has it as a run at my “planned marathon pace”. I hadn’t decided which to do this week when I began my 12k run into work. It was a really cold morning, not as cold as it has been but there was definitely ice around and my legs just never warmed up really. So it was a slog at a pace faster than PMP but not quite tempo pace!

Run 3 – the long one

On a step-back week, this week’s long run was 13.2 miles and I was running with Jack again, who I may have persuaded to join me at Barcelona marathon… We’ll see. We set off on my usual out & back along the Thames Path for the first time in a month.

This is my main tip for preventing your runs becoming stale while marathon training – go away a lot! My last few long runs have been in Northumberland, Chichester and Wales. In the next 9 weeks until the marathon itself I’ll be running in Northumberland and Chichester again, and then in Madrid for my taper weeks!

It was a beautiful day yesterday, the sky was blue, the sun was out, it wasn’t too cold and there was only a little wind. The parks were full of runners, dog walkers (I almost tripped over three minuscule little dogs on separate occasions), and families with kids on bikes. It was lovely.

I was able to run actually with Jack for more of the run and as a result I ran faster than I probably would have done by myself although I never felt like I was really pushing myself which is good. I managed the half marathon in 2hrs 10 which I was very pleased with!

(Annoyingly, both my gps and garmin watch lost gps signal for a bit so didn’t show we’d run the full distance – but it was an out & back and we turned around just past the half way point so I am confident we ran 13.1miles).

Cross training

I managed two swim sessions this week! Well done me. I was testing my swim fitness and blogged about it here. I also cycled to work on two days and managed two conditioning sessions for a total of over 8 and a half hours for the week.

Something fun that’s nothing to do with running

It sounds lame but a quiet weekend at home with James – 3 nights in with a Hot Stuff curry takeaway, steaks and then a pigeon and parsnip hotpot. We spent the evenings catching up on Homeland and watching Boondock Saints, a fantastic film with my favourite Norman Reedus. It was just what I needed after a busy week at work and several busy weeks of socialising around Christmas!

P.s computer issues meant this couldn’t be posted yesterday – so Janathon day 11 was a half marathon run and Janathon day 12 (today) was 15 minutes of runner’s Yoga from the DoYouYoga 30 day challenge before work.


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