Janathon Day – what day is it even?

A quick check at my calendar tells me it is Day 16.

Today I:

Planned to cycle into work and then go swimming. Being in the office until past 10.30pm last night put paid to that – work pays for a taxi past 9pm during the winter so I hopped into a taxi (the driver was a lebanese man who thinks immigration has caused all the economic woes to this country and was extremely passionate about this…. To the extent his gesticulating made me worried about a car crash!)

Getting up at 7am didn’t go down well so it was back to sleep and no morning work-outs.

But no worries as I had a strength & conditioning workout planned for lunch time…… Nope – worked right through lunch.

I’ll still get to cycle home this evening, I thought. We had a dinner reservation for 7.45pm which I was sure would be late enough….

Phoned to push the reservation back to 9pm. Plenty of time to finish work, cycle home and walk into Brixton.

8.15pm….. Finally stop work. No time to cycle home so my poor bike will just have to live at work over the weekend.

So Janathon day 16 was a day of failed workouts and my exercise was all the running around and concentration I had to do at work. If it counts, I am exhausted!!! Only 17 miles to run tomorrow :/



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