Janathon Day 20

Alarm goes off at 6.55am. It’s so dark outside. It’s cold. I just do not want to go swimming. I curl back into bed and into the darkness. It’s lovely.

At lunch I walk over to Runners Need to buy some Ronhill thick winter tights. I have to run into work tomorrow and its forecast to be -2 degrees C. These thighs need a bit more warmth than my current tights can manage if they’re to move properly.

6.30pm and I escape work to cycle home. The bike has been in the garage at work since Friday and I’ve forgotten my cycling jacket. I’m worried I might die of cold when cycling home so I go VERY quickly. It takes 33 minute instead of the normal 37-40 minutes. I’m not cold in the slightest and I am panting to get my breath every time I stop at traffic lights.

At home my little sister, in London for one night only before flying back to her home in Mallorca, is waiting for me. We head out for cocktails at Shrub and Shuttera and then Honest Burger for dinner.


Now I’m in bed worrying about how cold and dark it will be at 7am tomorrow morning…. And that’s Janathon Day 20 – 33 minutes of cycling!


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