A Day in the Life – Janathon Day 28

Yesterday I didn’t blog although I did run 5.5k. Today I have exercised AND I will blog… I’m very nosy and I really enjoy reading other bloggers’ “day in the life” posts. So here is mine from today…. 6.35 – wake up to loud purring in my ear and a wet nose in my face. Try and cover face with hand but cat gets his paws under my hand. My lumie is casting an orange glow over the room – this means less than 30 minutes until I have to get out of bed. Turn over and try to hide from cat. James wakes up and I get him to go and feed the cat while I make the most of my last ten minutes of sleep. photo 3 (11) 6.55 – alarm goes off. Lumie now very bright so it is impossible to fall back asleep. Out of bed by 7am, toilet, brush teeth, apologise to cat for ignoring him. Get dressed in all my cycling kit and grab bike.

7.15 – leave house. Quickly notice it’s raining and my head is getting wetter than usual … yep I’ve forgotten my helmet. Finally on my way and it is still pitch black and lightly drizzling. Recently I play a game to myself while cycling / runing to work of trying to establish when it is properly “light”. When does that grey bit of dawn turn from darkness into light? This morning, albeit a very dark rainy morning, I decided it was light at 7.45am… Please can it get lighter sooner?

8.05 – arrive at work. 42 minutes of cycling not including stoppage time. 8.15 – in the pool! I am very lucky in that I have a gym and a swimming pool in my office – it makes morning workouts much easier and also means we have really nice changing rooms, showers and hairdryers. I’ll save the details of the swim for another post but I was doing sprints so hard that I could hear the blood pounding in my ears and I was really pleased with my times. Still not as fast as last summer but a definite improvement on just a few weeks ago. 8.55 – out of the pool, shower, dry hair, put makeup on and get dressed. Grab some breakfast – porrige with a bit of honey, a sprinkle of cinnamon and FAR too many dried banana slices. smoothie 9.15 – at my desk eating porridge while I catch up on emails and work out what I need to do today. I spent the morning “doc reviewing” – in litigation, before you go to trial, you have to give documents – evidence – to the other side. This means lawyers like me have to go through the documents (mainly emails) to work out what is relevant. We run searches but there are always completely irrelevant emails that come up – just one to think about when you are sending personal emails from your work inbox – if your company is ever sued you may have a bunch of lawyers reading those emails!! There are always arguments, bitching, and occasionally affairs. Bite all my nails off when struggling over some confusing documents. Watch the rain blow sideways outside my window and decide I probably won’t go for a walk outside at lunch time.

12.30 – pop to the shopping mall under my office for a little wander around and eat lunch at my desk – meatball wraps with loads of hummus (yum). Usually at lunch time I’m either in the gym or in a meeting / training lecture so this is a slight departure for me. I was still feeling the after-effects of my morning sprints in the pool by lunch time so really didn’t fancy anything too energetic, and, with a run planned for tomorrow morning, didn’t want to do my lower body workout. I’ll save that for tomorrow lunch-time, work permitting. 20140812-180332-65012446.jpg Continued to work all afternoon, mainly on doc review as above but with a few ad hoc conversations with colleagues to discuss witness statements. 15.30 – popped to the coffee shop on the 5th floor of my office for a tea, chocolate cookie and a catch-up with two colleagues/friends. Half an hour flew by. Back to my desk to continue working, broken up with a quick meeting – a briefing on a new case.

8pm – have to decide whether to continue working, or cycle home for dinner and then work from home. Go for the latter. Fly home in 35 minutes. Attempt to set up work while James makes dinner but the remote connection isn’t working.

10pm – eat a dinner of bavette steak chopped up in a salad with sweet potato fries and goats’ cheese. YUM. Still waiting to hear back from IT Support as to whether I’ll have to do anymore work tonight…….



  1. Your cat is absolutely adorable ūüôā Have you mentioned his/her name before? I seriously want to adopt that kitty now, even if it does involve wet-nosed kisses first thing in the morning.

    I’m always so impressed by your ability to fit 2+ hours of training into your busy workday, particularly when a lot of it involves being out in all weathers in the dark! I do love watching the light go from night to day though, even if there isn’t much of a discernible sunrise…it’s the most satisfying part of being out and about at that time of the morning.

    • He’s called Oscar – this morning he decided not to go for the kisses but just to sit on my back purring for a good half an hour while i slept! He’s very affectionate in the morning.

      Completely agree about watching it turn from night into day – it is definitely the best part of early morning workouts! I am lucky with my work that i don’t start until 9.30 which does leave time for exercise without getting up at silly o’clock. Some of the American bloggers i follow are awake at 5 every morning! There is NO way i could do that.

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