Swimming – sprints

Today’s post was meant to involve two seperate swim sets for you. But my cat woke me up early this morning and excuses excuses excuses it was dark outside and cold and I was tired more excuses I just got back into bed and closed my eyes…..

Still haven’t mastered this getting out of bed thing despite how much I rave about my Lumie.

So only one swim this week! New Year’s Resolutions suck. It was an awesome swim though. At one point I was worried I might actually be sick in the pool (despite never having thrown up from exercise at all) and I could hear the blood pounding in my ears. Why is it I can push myself so much harder in the pool than on a bike / running? Or is it just that it feels harder? Who knows. Anyway this was a great workout that came to me via regular email updates from Kevin Koskella, the TriSwimCoach. The aim is that the main set is at least as long as your race distance, so feel free to amend based on how far you have to swim on race day.

I didn’t manage all of it because (1) I ran out of time due to leaving my house on my bike without a helmet and having to go back and (2) I was EXHAUSTED. I’m looking forward to doing this one again though.

Warm-up: 3×200 as 50 swim, 25 drill, 25 swim, 25 drill, 50 build, 25 easy
NB: as my pool is 20m long, I made this 40 swim, 20 drill…. etc. And I only did it once. Pick whatever drills you think you need most. I did catch-up drill and high elbows as I’ve noticed a tendency for my hands to cross-over recently, and for my elbows to sag low when I get tired.

Main set:
4×200 sprint on 1 min rest
8×100 sprint on 45 sec rest
10×50 sprint on 30s rest
12×25 ALL OUT on 20s rest

NB: this was WAY WAY too long for me. I did 2 x 200m sprint, 4 x 100m sprint and 5 x 40m sprint. And what on earth is the difference between “sprint” and “ALL OUT” I AM GOING ALL OUT ALREADY I’LL HAVE YOU KNOW!

Cool down: 100 easy
NB: feel free to try out different strokes if by this point you are so exhausted you can barely lift your arms. A nice backstroke gives me the opportunity to regain my breath and then some gentle breaststroke helps strengthen my thighs.

It’s a fun workout, I promise. It is really hard, but each sprint ends relatively quickly. Even the 200m sprints. I had a real mind-block about these, I was really worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up the speed / effort over 200m and this was something that was putting me off doing the workout. But it turned out I could do them, and they were hard, but fine. So now I’ll be happier doing them again. I’d like to do this workout with time for the 25m sprints (or 20m in my pool). I think I will keep it like that before I start slowly increasing the number of reps of each sprint.

My times were:

200m – 3.56, 3.59
100m – 1.55, 1.56, 1.57, 1.55
40m – 43.43, 43.94, 43.19, 42.49, 43.16

All quite consistent and faster than my CSS test a few weeks ago so I am happy with that. And now sad that I didn’t have the motivation to go swimming this morning.

Janathon Day 30 – two cycle commutes of c.12k each.


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